The Phone Story

By Elie - 10:44 AM

Days since my last post: 13

Oh no, have I really not been here for almost 2 weeks? Sorry people but life has been pretty...mundane to say the least. I know I probably say that every single week, but it really has. Anyway, here's a little update. I'm looking for...a new phone. And I am not even kidding anymore. I've finally had it with my phone dying on me in the middle of the night, then never waking me up with the morning alarm to go to work is dead after all.

A random picture just because.

So here I am right now, reading up on more phone and technical things that my brain could ever figure out. What are chipsets? What's all these pixels and cores or funny studies they're all doing? I mean, who would have known a single phone could bring so many things to light where you'll have to study up from A-Z just to know if it's the right deal you're taking?

And just for the sake of process reading later on, here are the current picks:


I'm looking for more inspirations with lesser bucks so if you've got one on top of your head, do let me know! Until then, it's back to reading!

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