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Hello people! So it's been an entire week since AirAsia dropped the news on their FREE SEATS promo and people have been abuzz, sharing on places they must be at in the coming year.

Okay, promotion is until tomorrow so it's now or never for you to book!

I guess it's a norm for the young ones to simply pack and leave nowadays but there's been something on my mind for quite a while now and it's none other than the majestic and extremely eye boggling...

Winter Light Festival of Japan

Seriously, do the Japanese have to think of everything? Set in Kuwana City of the Mie Prefecture, the Winter Light Festival that runs from mid-November to mid-March has been famous for the beauty it brings to the flower-focused park with over 7 million little LED lights all around it. 

"Mount Fuji"

That...obviously is not Mount Fuji in real life but to have made this marvel out of little LED lights? Go ahead and put yourself to the test! Because I won't. I mean, why put myself through the torture when I can fly to Japan and watch it in awe because AirAsia tickets are so cheap now anyway? 
Aside to pretty lights and Japanese intellect, what's there to offer you may ask? Well in Japan, I guess I'll do as the Japanese do and go dip myself in the onsen (おんせん) whilst enjoying some true Japanese food and sipping on ice cold Nagashima beer. Because everything is better in Japan. 
And because nobody says no to a marvel like this.
So that's set in stone, next year's travel plan is Japan with this must-do festival in 2016: Winter Light Festival or the なばなの里。 Hello, seats are free leh why not right? Maybe I should consider detouring also to meet my Japanese teacher, Arakawa sensei.

I should just go live in Japan for a year. Just maybe.

For more awesome travel information, just check out the AirAsia website here and get your flight tickets within minutes.

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