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Nestled on the 4th floor of Jaya Shopping Centre, it's hard to now look at Tossed as another salad bar because well...that's really not what they are. Luckily for me, I was invited to a foodie session with Isabel and Tania to bust the myth behind this very different spot and boy was it a good one.

Ample seating for big companies or small.

Dangling seats, especially good when you're catching up with a close friend.

Or if being close to the ground is your call, grab a beanbag!

The very first thing to notice about Tossed is the ambiance as an overall, a very comfortably minimalistic and clean touch everywhere. With the natural light of the roof, it surely does make Tossed a good spot when you're looking for a good weekend bite or some light hearted catch up with your friends. I mean, I know I would like it.

Menu served on printed paper, a wood board and an alligator clip. Ngap! 

At a point in time, you will realize that it even emits a hipster-iffic feel but it isn't the same as every other cafe out there.

Mocha by Tossed.

Tania's drink of the day was the mocha, aptly placed in the "Chocolate drinks" category on the menu. Why, you ask? Because according to Tania, she had finally found a place that gives you a mocha with the generous taste of chocolate that isn't overpowered by coffee. And that's what mocha should be all about, not the other way round.

Latte by Tossed.

It may have been a Sunday for us to feast but what is a meal without coffee? The latte by Tossed is a bliss, not overly bitter with the right amount of frothy goodness on the top to sip. I thoroughly enjoyed this though Isabel seemed disagreeable to the fact that I didn't put sugar into my latte first.

 I even begged. (Photo for funnies, she really did take the latte after.)

Lychee virgin mojito.

Perhaps one of the most interesting drinks on the Tossed menu was this, a virgin mojito with a local twist. I really liked this for the fizzy touch and the minty after taste, a good recommendation if you're into picks like these.

Truffle fries with garlic aioli. 

"Are you sure it's going to taste like truffles?" Isabel asked. I don't know about her but I sure did taste the awesomeness of truffles in these fries, perfectly paired with the magical garlic aioli that left me asking for seconds. They come piping hot and good for sharing, unless you're a fries person like me. Then you should get one for yourself and laser away stealing hands for sure.

Basil pesto penne.

As lovers of our pasta dishes, we all opted for a basil pesto penne in order to compare it to our favourite hideout. We were not disappointed. Served with a creamy twist in the sauce, grilled chicken fillet and crunchy with pine nuts, the basil pesto penne at Tossed deserves 2 thumbs up and acts as a definite must try if you're a lover of all things basil. It wasn't overly salty either but you could add a shake of fresh black pepper if that suits your liking.

Salmone fusilli.

We were asked if we enjoyed between a tomato base or creamy base better so we thought, why not both? Served with salmon in a creamy tomato base sauce, the salmone fusilli at Tossed is an interesting order for people of acquired tastes. Being someone who has a natural sensitivity to fishy smells, I thought this was pretty good and you will eventually keep diving in for it. Like a hooked fish. Blurp.

Tossed's Signature Fruit Salad.

On the first verdict: Look at those colours! Served with a refreshing vinaigrette dressing and with an array of fresh fruits, it's no wonder Tossed has made this their signature salad of all times. It was very delicious to say the least and the most surprising part of this was that even the blueberries were sweet as ever. Sweet blueberries, where would you find that huh?  

Royale Pudding.

My only regret is that I couldn't capture this in all its glory but the royale pudding shouldn't be missed at Tossed. Served with a tangy raspberry sauce on top and layered with toffee on the bottom to sandwich a pudding made of vanilla beans, the balance was pretty uncanny so you end up with a not too sour yet not too sweet finish to your meal.

Salted Caramel Brownie.

Served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream (With real vanilla beans!!!) and drizzled over with caramel, I could only wish that the crust of this dessert gave a little more crunch. It was moist for sure and the vanilla ice cream wasn't too cloying to finish up so you'll have that good mix of sweet and savoury in at a single go. Perfect for afternoons where you just want something to feel good about.
Food-tographer at work. Do not disturb.

I really did enjoy myself at Tossed last Sunday, not just for the food and the perfect ambiance but also for the company that came with it. The staff was also very attentive and friendly, going about to asking what we would like to have and recommending the good stuff to us clueless people. At this rate, Tossed definitely warrants a revisit, mostly for the other pastas that we didn't get to try because we were too full and the local mains that they pride themselves in. Tossed is a pork free establishment by the way, so that's some great news to my Muslim friends there! 

4.51, Level 4,
Jaya Shopping Centre
Open daily, 10 AM - 10 PM

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