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By Elie - 8:01 AM

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Hello people! So that was my terrible attempt in being punny with the title but clearly it didn't work too well. But yes, I've finally settled to a new theme with most of the changes to the blog being set in stone. While I initially wanted something that looked far more futuristic, with buttons all over and everything being placed into different sections, my HTML knowledge did not warrant for it.

I guess this will have to do! 

My second thought was something that came clean, perhaps with sliders and such but that again needed more than just Google and forum skills to deal with. Which ended up in me picking something simple enough yet comes with a touch of...difference. I'm pretty satisfied with how everything currently looks and hopefully when I get to the root of little issues as well, everything will settle and run smooth. 

Of pictures and titles.

Aside to a working menu bar now, the image and title to every post has also come with a little change. That said, you will now notice a magnifying glass to the image as you hover over it and when you click on it, you'll get a zoomed in picture immediately without even going into the page. Clicking on the title however brings you to the entire post, which is a pretty cute addition to the look and feel of the site now.

My favourite additions. 

And onto my favourite additions: My sidebars. Yes, I now have a clean sidebar that clearly depicts what it has to be. That being said, I'm also glad I managed to fix up the LIKE button to my Facebook page onto the blog, even with the changes that Facebook has done with their codes. Look at me, speaking codes! 

So leave me a comment, tell me what you think. Things are still tweaking and sizes are still changing but rest assured when it's all done, this space will always be the one I'll be loving.

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