Escapade: The Penang Weekend Day 1

By Elie - 6:50 PM

Days since my last post: 12

Lengthy post ahead, read only if you're really into everything Penang. And my face.

I can't believe it's been almost 2 weeks since the last time I've logged on what's happening, but owning that things haven't quite been on the up side of life then perhaps it does seem like a good thing. I am back however because good times are meant to be frozen in words and there isn't a better place than here where I truly belong. My blog. And in today's read: Penang.

Take off.

That's right, I took off to Penang over the long National Day weekend amidst the rally that was happening in town. Before you shoot me dead, it is simply because everything was booked MONTHS before the rally was even announced. 

Crime crew.

As if it wasn't enough to have had me around in Penang, I brought along an entire crew who absolutely wrecked havoc into the city. We ate, we laughed, we fooled around and had so much fun that I could only wish it wouldn't end. Eventually it did, which is why I am inclined to document our times together...for whatever I could remember. 

Jetting off with the best friend from aeons ago. 

Our journey started on the 29th of August with Malindo at 8 AM and from there, our 1 hour flight shot us over to Penang. The reason for a flight was that I really wasn't too bothered to fight with the traffic considering it was the long weekends and I anticipated tons of people on the road. I didn't particularly hear about traffic on my social media however, or that I wasn't paying much attention throughout the weekend. 

Weekend ride. 

It was only in Penang did we pick up the car that I had rented 2 weeks before, a Proton Exora that would comfortably sit 6 of us. That's right, I did car studies for a few days before deciding on this model, factoring in comfort for 6, petrol consumption and the ability to make it through lots of curvy turns. Our car was rented from a company called Magic Green and I found them off Google. They were reasonable on price and also provided us with a free pick up service from the airport, which I was thoroughly impressed with. You can find this Penang car rental company here:

Roaming Penang. 

First stop: Mee Goreng.
Our first stop was in Bangkok Lane, where my friends were first introduced to the renowned mee goreng of Seng Lee Coffeeshop. If you're interested to know where you can grab a plate, you may want to look here where I had a write up before. They rojak was also instinctively good, serving at RM 15 a plate but there were snow crab legs inside.

To pray for everything good. 

We also made it to the Wat Chaiyamangkalaram Temple or also known as the Reclining Buddha Temple of Penang where it a shine of new paint was surprisingly seen. What I really liked was that while they refurbished what's on the outside, the insides were left to appear to same; still stuffy and has retained the old and moldy temple feeling. 

Us against the world. 

Just across the street stood the Dharmikarama Burmese Temple, a place of worship where many are seen leaving prayers for exams and university entrance slips in one of the many shrines inside. The hand carved main hall remained glorious as it looked before and I was glad to have seen the good upkeep they had in the temple, which in many ways shows that our donations are indeed being put to good use. 
The food crew.

What's funny was that I took the ultimate crash when I arrived our condominium at The Birch Plaza in Times Square Penang and missed out about half of whatever happened in the day. My friends were left to fend for themselves while I snoozed and they proudly made it down to Penang Road, queuing for the famous Cendol and slurping on assam laksa from wherever they could find. I thought they did a great job, and I guess food really does do you wonders. 

Of glorious oysters and delicious decisions. 

When I got up, it was a time close enough for dinner as we took off to Air Itam for none other than the glorious fried oyster dish that I almost never miss. While the generous uncle did not recognize me after my grandfather's passing, our dish was still filled with endless oysters at only RM 16 for a big plate of goodness. Do as the Penangites do and simply munch whatever you can!
 From friendly fires.

To sweaty affairs.

Thanks for the fun, Laser Ops Malaysia.

Our first day ended with a game of Laser Tag, one of the unlikeliest thing to do while in Penang but we did it anyway. Located on the highest floor of the First Avenue Mall, Laser Ops proved the 6 of us a lot of fun and tons of calories were lost just running around trying to shoot lasers around. The staff were clearly attentive and extremely friendly to our questions, even joining us to a final game by the end of the day. 

So lengthy as lengthy can be, that was our first day in the state up North. It didn't seem like we did much but we were all dead tired by the end of the day to bother about whatever else that we could do. All we needed were showers and rest. And a birthday cake to the one who just turned 20.

Happy birthday again, tiny one.

Now if you'll excuse me, my bed seeks my kind attention. But wait up for my Day 2 and 3 adventures, there's a lot more of me...and my friends to see!

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