Escapade: The Penang Weekend Day 2.0

By Elie - 7:15 AM

Days since my last post: 7

Yay the weekly updates are back and it's really because I don't want to be forgetting the important details of the Penang escapade I had...2 weeks back. Time does fly and within moments, I'll be on another airplane to go have tea with the Queen and Prince Harry. I wish.

Crime crew circa 2015.

Our second day started out late because we took endless pictures in the condo, hunting down for that perfect family photo just as we had from the previous year. We clearly failed and settled for the one above instead because there wasn't a couch big enough to fit us 6 in one. Behind the scenes there were also...

Ridiculous GIFs to illustrate how we spend our "money".

Obscene couch moves. 

And best friend shots.

There's obviously a whole lot more where these pictures came from but let's save your sanity for now. We headed out to the area of Kimberley Street for a good dose of loh mee and Penang char koay teow, two of Penang's staple foods that you can't miss. While our original plan was to cycle after, the skies turned unforgiving and we had to settle into looking for something else to do as it rained.

Like having old school ice cream from the ice cream man!

 And having it together.

And taking pictures as I circled people. 

But really, we didn't just do all that. What we found from the recent bloom in tourism in Penang was that lots of homes appeared to have been turned into museums of sorts. In my trip back for the Marathon in 2014, my friend and I discovered the Camera Museum along Muntri Street and this time round with the Crime Crew, we found...

The Upside Down Museum.

Everything out of balance.

As its name suggests, everything in the Upside Down Museum is indeed upside down. But it really is just a toy to your mind and the play with your camera settings because in real life it just looks like...


Life out of balance.

The concept however was commendable and they actually have friendly staffs who are happy to help with ideas on how to make it all seem believable. The 2-storey home along Kimberley Street is quite a visit, especially fun if you have small kids and we paid RM 11 each for entrance under a student price. It's usually RM 16 per adult and RM 8 per child while tourist prices differ. 

Roaming the streets.

Discovering hipster things.

Annoying each other.

And coming together.

We did end up cycling after the rain stopped but I had no idea that the Georgetown Festival was happening along the Heritage Area, making it almost impossible to maneuver among the sea of people. We returned our rented bikes (At RM 8 per bike!) not too long after and decided to go back on foot to places and street food.

At the festival. 

Guide to making iceballs.

Sucking on iceballs and sharing saliva.

And lots more eating. 

 Roaming the streets of Penang.

And discovering old shops in nooks.

Perhaps it was the short shower or maybe it was the haze but we all ended up very sticky and sweaty that we decided to make it back to the condo before venturing somewhere else. I wouldn't say it was a bad idea at all because I needed a shower more than anything else by then. By now this post is turning a little long with lots of pictures, which is why I'm splitting it to a Penang 2.1 some other day. Maybe next week or so.

And just to end.

We all took pictures at that one spot in the Upside Down Museum, creating this collage of us in the same spot with different expressions. Crime crew indeed.

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