Escapade: The Penang Weekend Day 2.1

By Elie - 8:39 AM

Days since my last post: 7

Yes, a continuation of my Penang escapade from 3 weeks ago! Hang in there with me, I've got Day 3 that's uncharted just yet. So in my previous post I mentioned that we returned to our condo, but we obviously made it out again around evening when dinner called out to us. The plan was to simply grab whatever possible, explore the Georgetown Festival then make it to the famed Nasi Kandar Beratur along Jalan Kapitan Keling.

Well dressed Crime Crew.

Modelling at the stairs is a thing now, apparently.

What I didn't get however was the memo to pack well, much less DRESS well. But these people had it in them to bring better looking clothes while I rolled up my tank tops and shorts to survive 3 days in Penang. Which was I dragged along a victim to dress down, making us the...

Pariah Crime Crew. 

I couldn't be the only one on the other end of the Crime Crew, could I? I'm sorry Chris, welcome to the corner where we squat for drinks and pick food out of our teeth with our fingernails. I kid, at least have the decency for a toothpick, please. 

Nothing much, just casually sitting along the sidewalk of closed shops in the Heritage Area.

And having free ice cream on a rainy evening.

Getting a massage. 

Our evening run however turned really interesting because we came across this group of people who apparently gave out massages with blunt knives, at RM 10 for 10 minutes. I guess when you're a tourist, you do as tourists do and several of us did cough up to be chopped for over 10 minutes.

Like meat on a chopping board. 

Or seafood into fishballs.

The verdict? Those knives are the best. The feeling was exactly as you would expect it with knives going up and down your shoulder, but it wasn't painful either. I could have sworn to have snoozed off for a minute or two because it really was comfortable. The team are apparently from Sungai Petani in Kedah and are in Armenian Street every weekend for these quick 10 minute fixes. 

Making it to the famed Nasi Kandar Beratur.

And living to prove we really did it.

Finally after excited talks and difficult traffic, we made our way to the Nasi Kandar Beratur along Jalan Kapitan Keling. The name of the shop really is as it suggests as there was a queue even before we got there. I think the average wait time was between 15 to 20 minutes and the price was of a usual nasi kandar price. It really is just an overrated hype however because it didn't taste fascinatingly amazing nor was it mind blowing at any proportion. It was just...that.

Terry and the cuz says hi.

Yes, a relatively short post to wrap up Day 2.1 because it was just the evening we spent gallivanting the streets. We eventually made it back to the condo by midnight and crashed way before we expected to, rendering hopes of our card games a little more of just a hope.  So maybe, maybe if you're lucky I will finish up Day 3 in a simple way too. Maybe, no promises.

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