Escapade: The Penang Weekend Day 3

By Elie - 9:49 AM

Days since my last post: 7

The last of posts in documenting all things Penang is here, with tons of (our) faces to see ahead. So our 3 day runaway from the city and life came to an end on National Day but we insisted on doing whatever we could before coming back to reality. And to begin? We overslept.

And had glorious lobak from Hon Kei Food Stall along Campbell Street for breakfast.

Before going shopping at Ban Heang for the folks back home. 

Our initial plans of making it to Penang Hill for the sunrise and the cold air was hampered because my alarm rang and I went back to sleep, so there was no morning call for the rest of the household. Only when my best friend came around did I realize that the sun was way up in the sky and we missed whatever cold there was left. 

From Kek Lok Si.  

And down.

We decided to check out of our condo and returned the keys before our stipulated time just so we could explore Air Itam a lot more and by noon, we were up in Kek Lok Si to pray. I guess you could say that we had more touristy things up our sleeves and Kek Lok Si was just one of our destinations. 

Way up above the city...

Were people who... 

Wouldn't stop... 

Jumping around.

I decided to also introduce the Penang dam to the Crime Crew because it was on the way from Kek Lok Si but it really wasn't without trouble because our Proton Exora had the toughest time pulling 6 people and lots of luggages up. To this I say, our national car brand isn't too bad after all. 

For the glory of assam laksa! 

When we got down from the hills, I became insistent to assam laksa all thanks to the lack of good ones around the city throughout the trip. While everyone else were sharing, the glutton in me had an entire bowl to myself at the stalls that's along the roadside of the Air Itam roundabout. I got nods of approval from the Crime Crew and that was all I really needed. 

Our next destination was a local Penang tourist spot and for as long as I have lived, I've never once been up to Penang Hill. This coming from someone who returned for most of my Chinese New Year holidays and midyear breaks.

Titanic without a ship.

And piggyback rides against their will.

Selfies without shame.

And poses without a care in the world.

Crime Crew takes on Penang Hill.

Truth be told, I never expected it to be so interesting up in Penang Hill, with picture opportunities wherever you go. There were street artists doing caricatures for visitors, talented handicrafts-men making grasshoppers out of leaves and a whole lot more to discover at about 700m above sea level. It wasn't long however until we had to come back down and I was thoroughly impressed with the ride up and down Penang Hill, being really well run and comfortably managed by the people who work there now. Tickets cost RM 10 a piece for Malaysians, RM 5 for students and differ when you're a tourist.

So thank you for the fantastic 3 day break, Crime Crew. I love you, you, you, you, and you for making me family without being family.

Until our next trip to wreck havoc again.

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