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Hello people! So after a bombardment of Penang posts, you can now be prepared for everything London. This post however, is not it. Nope, this one's to talk about a cafe tucked in a little corner of USJ 21.

From the old to the new.

First opened in 2011 at the spot upstairs, MyEspresso Cafe has now expanded to a bigger and better space...just below where there were originally. The elements to the cafe has not changed however, with the basics of barista trainings, coffee beans and coffee machines for sale.

Found: Vintage cameras and others.

Of beans, machines and reads for caffeine.

If that wasn't enough, the spaciousness of the cafe does leave a lot to be desired. The layout is clean, with tables sprawled around the shop in intricate spots. I liked how it's been designed with nooks and closure, giving it a sort of private space when you're with your friends or family. They've also gone on a minimalistic touch, with murals drawn and printed photos of coffee hops to decorate the otherwise plain walls.

For those who just wants a moment to themselves.

And seats for more than one.


 Spot your heroes.

 Yay to an elephant drawing on the wall!

What you really have to note however is that they don't serve savouries here, so if you're hungry for a meal then MyEspresso Cafe isn't the place for you. BUT if you're looking for a sweet treat that you can't find elsewhere then you can always look here for... 

Avocado cheesecake and pistachio latte.

Blueberry yogurt cake.

For avocado lovers, you will not want to miss this out because in MyEspresso Cafe, the avocado cheesecake is to die for. It isn't overly cloying, like most cheesecakes and the hint of avocado in it is a refreshing mix to an otherwise boring order. I loved it, but Isabel had other thoughts. Maybe she's just weird. *Coughs*

If you like pistachios however, you'd really enjoy the pistachio latte here; an order you don't get everywhere. This drink is made of real pistachio paste, ground from fresh pistachios. Seriously, can you imagine how much pistachios have been sacrificed for this drink? Definitely worth the RM 13 price tag it holds. 

Chilled, not iced latte.

A special concoction: The Scarlet Temptation. 

In MyEspresso Cafe, they prize themselves in the drinks offered and what they have here is a different kind of latte. Meet the Chilled Latte, the blend of coffee and milk in a cup that has been chilled to a subzero temperature. What you'll get is a cool latte, not watered down by ice cubes and not overly cold either. It's good to drink as is, which is nice because you don't have to stir for flavour or burn your tongue from the heat. 

If you're someone who prefers sweet drinks, you can even try their special concoction called Scarlet Temptation, a drink made of strawberry sauce, soda and Haagen Dazs' vanilla ice cream. This results in a creamy and soda-ish treat that is awesome for a hot day, and especially good in this haze. And here is a fun fact for you: The Scarlet Temptation was named by a fan of theirs through a contest on Facebook, and the winner was awarded with a cuppa on the house! 

Green tea latte: Available at MyEspresso Cafe.

Green tea fans rejoice, for there is another place that serves green tea latte! This cup from MyEspresso Cafe however brings a bitter bit, perfectly as green tea is supposed to be. While people think it's only normal for latte to be sweet, those who truly respect their tea will know that it has to bring that tinge of bitterness. I guess this brings the meaning of "bittersweet" into this green tea latte.

For the health conscious: CHIA.

With real chia seeds! 

Standing in the refrigerators of MyEspresso Cafe are bottles of CHIA, a naturally healthy drink with flavours such as blueberry & apple, orange passionfruit & apple as well as blackcurrant & apple with chia seeds. The result is a thick concoction and for those who knows the benefits of Chia seeds, it's possibly the best thing to get here. If you're not too big on the thick feeling this drink gives you though, they also pass you a glass of soda water so you can water it down to your own liking. It's highly refreshing and not overly sweet, a complete 360 from all other beverages you get here. 

Affogato with Haagen Dazs' ice cream.

Mocha for those who can't live without chocolate.

Of course, what is a cafe without a good serving of affogato right? What you'll get here is a shot of espresso with either vanilla or macadamia ice cream from Haagen Dazs. I would suggest you go with the original of vanilla however because the macadamia ice cream just isn't strong enough to battle out the coffee flavour. It's interesting though because the macadamia ice cream gives you a nutty bite to your drink. 

I however don't recommend the mocha, even though it's something I usually like. I'm not sure if it's just me but I thought it didn't have enough coffee and Isabel thought it lacked both. Maybe we just had too much to drink or that we had others that impressed us more but this wasn't what we expected at all. A disappointment, after so much good stuff. 

Fat loading in progress. All photos in my post were taken by the trusty Olympus you see in this shot, except this picture was taken by Isabel's camera. 

Sunday OOTD
Top from One Nation Fits All
Shorts from H&M
Shoes from PUMA

We spent a whooping 5 hours together, sharing out the drinks and loading on cakes to try out what's good. It's great however because that's exactly what MyEspresso Cafe offers; a space for you to relax and catch up with people who matter. I'd be back if it were closer to me but for now, it may just be somewhere that I would only keep in mind if I wanted a different kind of cheesecake from just cheesecake.

MyEspresso Cafe
63, Jalan USJ21/11,
Subang Jaya
Open from 12 PM to 9:30 PM
Closed on Tuesdays

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  1. awesome write up :-) , love how u use the cat mural to look at the coffee!

  2. love the direct style of laying out the experience. Affogato with haagen looks like a must have! :-)


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