Meeting UK: The Day I Visited Norwich Part 2

By Elie - 12:51 PM

Days since my last post: 3

Okay guys, okay. I can do with constant updates. I can, I can! And a picture heavy post ahead, proceed with coffee and food!

Rise and shine, Norwich. 

My second day in Norwich started perfectly as it should...with my best friend out to gym as I continued sleeping. I could have sworn I woke up when he left, but he said I didn't even stir. This must be love, or it could have been just that I was tired. We had nothing great planned, just a whole day of being with each other and him bringing me for good food. In best friends we trust and in locals do we trust more.

That UK scene.

Ice cream in the cold, because who needs warmth? 

He took me out first to the marketplace as he promised, because I demanded to watch the locals live. And that was Norwich for me. I wanted to be immersed into the lifestyle so much that I had forgotten I was a tourist. The people were up bright and early, and it seemed to me that's how things were in Norwich. My first damage for the day turned out to an ice cream cone, shared between us two for £2.50. It turned out to taste like heaven and according to the local-ish tourist (Ahem!), he had never had it before. What?! It was a ginger flavoured ice cream by the way, and it seems that the makers have been around since 1921. Tourist item for the day, done. 

Of fresh bread, juicy strawberries and other amazing produce.

Cheap blueberries! Fresh tomatoes!

And then my "Project Local" continued. I was thoroughly amazed at the items the locals could get at mad, mad prices from the marketplace, by the way. Strawberries at £3 for 2 punnets? I'll have a 100. Blueberries for £4 a punnet? Sure, take my money! Seriously if I lived in Norwich, I would save so much and be rich forever. Or at least I think I will...because there's a big Primark around and I don't think I could resist. *Clears throat*

Travelling with you is the best thing to do, human.

Of old shops.

And cobblestone paths.

And that we were there.

I knew for sure as we trotted on that heading to Norwich was right, because I loved every nook and cranny of it. It obviously helped with the company I had, and everything just felt perfect.

Even the skies.

Norwich has since become one of my favourite spots, a place I would say you definitely should visit if you can. Sure, there's not much that is hip and happening but the laid back feeling would give your mind quite a tease. 

How could a place so far away be so homely?

 One for the album, because there's no one else I'd rather have this shot with.

When I left for London once again, I felt ridiculously heavy hearted because I realized that Norwich had so much left undiscovered. I stared at my map for a while, thinking of roads I didn't trot down. I thought of the churches I should have seen and the museums I should have visited or bars I should have entered. But my tickets were paid for, and there was no turning back. 

Norwich became a history and I left my best friend, my best travel companion, and the love of my life behind once again. It's going to be months later that we'll meet again, but this post is for him. Because there is no other way I can thank you enough for being the one who has dealt with me for over 15 years...and 3 very "jakun" days.

And to Norwich, I will return. Someday.

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