Meeting UK: The Day We Had Waffles

By Elie - 3:27 AM

Days since my last post: 4

I must say, coming around with constant updates does feel good especially given how much I want a vacation right now. I'm too broke for one, but maybe these memories will bring me back. And today instead of the scenery, it'll be something short and sweet. Like waffles.

And warm fireplaces.

So if you read my previous update, I mentioned about going out for a day of locality and he suggested that we go to his favourite eatery: The Waffle House. I was alright with that because whatever he loved, I would love too and I knew it for sure.

The day when only we mattered.

The Waffle House was everything I expected it to be: Warm, snuggly and all waffle-y. The smell of fresh waffles filled the air, and I got so accustomed to the "coats on, coats off" tradition of the Brits that the cold outside didn't dampen my spirit of the heat in the restaurant. We were also alone for a while, because apparently the day doesn't start that early for the Brits on a weekend. 

Apple cinnamon waffles.

Mr.Healthy's salad with grilled salmon.

And his symphony of fruits with waffles.

At The Waffle House, you got to choose between plain or oatmeal waffles, both of which we had and tasted amazing respectively. The batter was fragrant, the waffles were fluffy and the outside bits were just right crunchy. I couldn't have asked for anything better that day. So yes, Norwich waffles. Be here, eat it, enjoy it, love it, and then come home and crave for it. Because I'm absolutely craving for it now. 

The Waffle House
39 St Giles St, Norwich NR2 1JN, United Kingdom

I told you this would be short and sweet. I didn't lie.

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