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Warning: Picture heavy post!

Well here's a quick one because I'm really tired from my day trip to Ipoh, but I couldn't just leave the pictures become unpublished. So today we'll be exploring the camera from the Redmi Note 3! As mentioned, the Redmi Note 3 packs a 16-megapixel camera with f2.0 aperture and a dual LED flash.

Here are several pictures I've taken with the camera so far, and got really impressed with.

Sharp where it has to be, blurred where I wanted it to be.

Capturing even details of scratches.

Colours are really vivid, capturing that line even between the skies and the reds of the building.

Taken during my trip to Malacca a week back. Zero edits, I'm so in love.

The pictures above were taken when the camera was left completely at its own state, which means there was no fiddling with the white balance, no fooling around with the ISO, and no clicking into modes. It was at a point-and-shoot kind of mode, and I got really impressed. Trust me, I'm pretty lazy when it comes to taking pictures (Or a little too stupid to understand the basics), but I can get a little picky with quality.

What I really like with the camera however, is how it captures macro pictures in a jiffy. For instance, I would simply have to tap on what I want focused, and the back just gets blurry by itself. Yay to bokeh pictures in the future! Here's what it looks like when I tried it out:

Loving the crisp details, right down to the colour!
I also fooled around with the Manual mode one day, testing out what it looked like when I took pictures in my room where the lights are yellow and had a little fun with the ISO settings. 

Here's a picture when I did NOTHING to the ISO. I call this the ISO Normal. 

Here it is at ISO 100, significantly darker.

At ISO 200.

At ISO 400.

At ISO 800. I found this to be the most pleasing to the eyes, and the closest to the normal ISO.

ISO 1600. Brighter, but the noise became apparent.

ISO 3600. The noise went haywire, and the picture quality was questionable at this point.

So from what I recall in college, higher ISO levels did help give you brighter quality in pictures BUT the noise (Or grains) becomes very apparent in your pictures. I guess this was proven when I cranked up the ISO on the Redmi Note 3 to the max, giving that extremely grainy photo in the end. I suppose I did enjoy the picture most at ISO 400 and ISO 800, with the latter being the winner in the end. 

Coming back in front, the Redmi Note 3 boasted a 5-megapixel front camera, which meant selfies were going to be pristine and clear. I really needed to put this to the test, and found that pictures under the sunlight fares better than the times when you're indoors. Here's what I caught: 

From inside a ballroom.

Directly in front of sunlight.

And when in the car. I assume my friends will now murder me.

It's safe to say that the picture does get a little grainy when you're indoors, but when your pictures are taken under natural lighting, it's the best you can ever get. I was genuinely amazed by the rate of how the "beauty mode" saved my skin complexion, as it did to my friends too. Colours are still remarkably vivid, but I found it just a tad bit bright when you're directly in the light. I'm all for the picture quality and colour for the photo I took in the car, giving it the closest to a natural selfie I have seen for a while.

Another feature I found interesting on the phone however, was the ability to capture time lapse videos without a fuss. I literally just had to switch it to Video Mode then swiped left for a time lapse feature! Like hello, my sunset time lapses will next time be a reality! Until then, I guess watching the skies turn dark will do:

And the cars whizzing by was interesting too! 

So yes, that's just as much as I fooled around with the camera on the Redmi Note 3! I would assume a whole lot more use on it but I haven't played with it as much, spotting interesting features such as the slow-motion, and a variety of filters to my pictures that I could apply straightaway. Maybe if you'd follow me on Instagram @eliephante, you'll see more of them eventually! Until then, I'll be off for more pictures!

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