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Days since my last post: I lost count. 

I'm sorry I went missing, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, and I'm sorry! I swear I did not mean to abandon my blog, but there has simply been close to nothing in life to talk about. It's always been the same old schedule, with little to no excitement (Unless you count date days now?) in life to brag about...until yesterday anyway.

And this happened. 

Yes, I took a tiny leap and tons of steps on the streets of Kuala Lumpur yesterday; 21 kilometers of it to be exact. Now if you've stuck around enough, you should know that I am the least athletic person around and I would pick an afternoon snuggled under my blanket binging on my TVB series than to even leave my room. Which is why when I signed up for the #WeRunKL event by Nike Malaysia, my family seemed a little shocked.

Awake at 5 AM on a Sunday, what am I doing with my life? 

As if it wasn't already shocking enough that I was going to brave a 21km run, I also dropped the bomb on them that I would be flagging off at 5:30 AM. On a Sunday. This was coming from the person who would scrutinize the need to leave her bed anytime before 11 AM on Sundays. But this...this was voluntary! *Cue dramatic music* 

Because I don't like to do stupid things alone. 

I obviously didn't want to be all alone for the run, so I sold the idea to my friend Senri who somehow agreed. This marked our second run together, with the first one being two years back at the Penang Bridge International Marathon. And yes, we ran 21kms for that one too. It was nice because we both didn't want to stick to each other, but just didn't want to do it alone at the start or finish line. So we took the leap and split up after we passed the START line, and then looked out for each other at the FINISH line. Not too bad an arrangement, no? 

I tried capturing every marker. 

It was crazy, but I did it. I ran for about 5kms before my knees gave way, 7kms before my chest began to ache, and about 10ks before I decided to no longer run. Then I walked the remaining 11kms. Perhaps this is where I should change the title to #WeWalkKL, right? But the feeling is liberating, and by the end of it all, the sense of achievement feels amazing. 

We snagged our medals. 

I made a leap. 

And now I'm out to believe that if a lazy bum like myself can do a 21km marathon, you can too. Because all you'll need is to remember that you've paid for the marathon, and you didn't pay to give up midway. It worked for me at least. Oh and if you're somehow wondering about my timing...

3 hours and 38 minutes isn't too bad, right? Right.

I mean, at least I finished. 

How are my legs now? Painful. How am I feeling now? Happy. Was this worth it? Yes. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. I've conquered it once, I believe I can again. Just not anytime soon.

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