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Holla again! Just in case you thought I didn't love my blog anymore, I just wanted to stress that I really, REALLY do love it, okay? But really, life has been a little mundane. I mean, the only difference has been the arrival of my niece who has completely taken my heart and melted it into mush, but I'll talk about that some other day.

So with almost nothing to talk about, I figured I should share a little about my meals that has been going "ding" in the office recently. Yep, microwaved meals! It's pretty common in places such as Hong Kong, Japan, and Bangkok to have convenience stores that simply sells easily microwaveable meals, and they're usually pretty yummy. Or at least it's been portrayed to be in most Hong Kong series that I catch.

So many choices, so little stomach. 
Pic credits: HK Magazine

I guess the concept of microwaved meals isn't something new in Malaysia, because you would probably do the same with the recent hype of food prepping among young working adults. You just cook ahead for the week, then eat in the office for lunch. It's basic, and it saves money. So what happens when you're a young adult like myself who cannot cook to save her life, but still wants a microwave meal?

They call it the kitchen of the world. I wonder why. 

You indulge in those that are sold in convenience stores. I came across this brand since last year when I took up MuayThai in Jaya One, and while I doubt it's new, advertising on it hasn't been great. The food itself isn't bad tasting, and neither is it a stab to our wallet. In fact, I actually think it's at a very reasonable price between RM 5.60 to about RM 8.95 at its most. I think. I've so far tried a number of meals that this brand has to offer, and I have to say that they do not disappoint.

Chicken Tom Yum with Rice.

So the CocoLife was just an additional touch, because I really didn't think I would write a blog post on this. Picture taken was just because I have this habit of documenting my every day life in a diary elsewhere so sometimes I can remember the small things, but yeah. I was totally going Thai that day.

The chicken tom yum with rice was generally delicious, and I got comments from a colleague that it smelled super good. The soup itself wasn't overly sourish nor was it too spicy, and the portion was decent. I quote my boyfriend after having fed him with 2 of these microwave meals, "It's a very diet friendly kind of portion." They definitely didn't skimp on portions either, because I found chicken pieces (boneless!), tomatoes, basil leaves, oyster mushrooms, red chili, and several other things. Not too bad for RM 7.95!

Green Curry Chicken with Rice.

I had minimal demands for the green curry chicken with rice, mostly because I haven't been a very big fan of green curry to begin with. When another colleague spotted this however, he immediately said that it's actually pretty good and that he has tried it before. He didn't lie. I mean, I knew he wouldn't because he had quite a tongue for good food.

The green curry itself was slightly creamy, which was good to go with the rice. I found lots of chicken pieces in it, in addition to some sort of vegetable in the mix. Again, it was of a very decent portion, and I was pleasantly surprised. I think this was also cheaper than the chicken tom yum with rice, which made it pretty good on days when I didn't feel like having anything sourish.

Nasi Lemak with Chicken Rendang. 
(Bonus: Half boiled egg)

I remember feeling ridiculously sleepy after having this meal, but it's really my fault for having nasi lemak in the middle of the day. It was in fact pretty tasty, but quite the horror for me to remove all the anchovies that had made its way around my entire box. The chicken rendang was pretty flavourful, and I loved how every piece was boneless. Maybe it's just a CP thing that all their chickens are boneless? The rice was pretty fragrant for a nasi lemak too, and I'd definitely get this again if it weren't for the anchovies. It was really affordable however, and I paid about RM 5.60 for this.

The half boiled egg was a bonus however, because I only had to spend RM 1 to get it with the purchase a cup noodle. I actually found it funny initially, to be that lazy that you'll have to buy a pre-made half boiled egg. I guess that's what we millennials have come to. The egg was pretty perfect though, being at the right consistency from the moment I cracked it open. There's even a tiny sachet of soy sauce if you want your half boiled egg with that, but I drenched it over my nasi lemak and perfection was achieved for lunch. Umph!

Look at that runny yolk!

Don't get me wrong, this is NOT a sponsored post. No, I'm simply writing because I thought it would be nice to share my thoughts with you, in case you can't cook either. I'm pretty psyched to try the rest of their items, but somehow the 7-Eleven branches that I've been around are always out of choices. I guess I should update my post as I try more new things on their menu, so until then...I hope you'll enjoy standing in front of the microwave as much as I do.


As promised, I've been out to try out MORE meals by CP! I find these meals rather convenient, and in many ways quite addictive to have.

 Stir Fried Chilli Chicken with Rice.

I'm not sure if I've noted this before but their rice (according to the boyfriend) is pretty fluffy! This was honestly his meal, but I did get a taste of it. Unfortunately it fell a little short from my expectations, but it's still nice to have nevertheless. The chicken pieces were a tad bit short for the amount of rice, and was compensated with the vegetables. It wasn't too spicy, but I probably wouldn't buy this again. I believe this was RM 6.95 if my calculations were right.

Shrimp Wonton Soup with Noodles.

 Oodles of noodles that I think would have been amazing if I had not overcooked my noodles. The shrimp wontons were amazing however, with real whole shrimps inside every wonton! There were about 5 or 6 wontons in total, so that's seriously value for money you pay! I think this was only RM 7.90 or something like that but hey look at all those shrimps! 

Soup wise it's a little bland, but it's nothing some chilli sauce can't fix. I recommend some good chilli oil with a little bit of the flakes to boot, and this would make the perfect kind of soupy companion you should have when it's raining outside. Or just as a companion when you feel like having something hearty and warm. Perfect.

Fun facts: The CP brand was founded in 1921 from Bangkok by two brothers, and serves certified Halal food. Explains why everything on the menu only consists of chicken. It's available in most 7-Eleven shops, and several major supermarkets.

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