Staycay Series: Swiss Garden Residences

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Ahhh long overdue post much, because we did this staycation for the boyfriend's birthday and that was actually in April. But having an overdue is better than not having a post for it right? Right. So let's talk about the staycay at Swiss Garden Residences.

Introducing the boyfriend and his loot: A new laptop. 

Owing to the fact that it was his birthday weekend and he was really stressed out the whole week before that, I had wanted to do something a little more special. That was when I came across a good deal from Swiss Garden Residences that would warrant me a free upgrade to their Residence Suite at a Last Minute booking rate. And well, a Residence Suite was what we got! 

Table for two. 

What the place really was however, was a studio apartment style living that we both really enjoyed. We felt that the space wasn't overly huge but neither was it claustrophobic, making it a good size for short staycations for a day or two. From the entrance, you'd be greeted with a small table that's good for dining (And later turned into work space for the boyfriend because he had a working weekend boo!) if you had packed some food or ordered it via room service. 

Induction cooker and fridge included. 

They've even got a microwave and a sink for simple uses. 

Not a fan of eating out? I thought it was pretty awesome that the suite had an induction cooker and basic amenities such as the microwave, a sink, and a fridge to keep food stuffs. We did end up buying drinks to stock up the fridge, and left without really finishing everything. They also provide pots and pans, as well as several bowls and utensils. I guess it's good enough for a midnight MAGGI meal? 

King sized bed that was fluffy and comfy! 

The overall living space.

The living space and bedroom space were discreetly segregated by a sliding door, which was essential for most studio apartment styled living. I really liked the feel of this staycation, because it was like we owned the space and we could just live in there forever. 

No tub, but that's fine. 

There was also one ensuite bathroom, which was not as clean as I thought it would actually be but was still acceptable. There was no bathtub, but instead it was replaced with a sunken in space for showers and it was slightly slippery to get in and out of the shower. That was when I decided to leave that towel by the steps so none of us would die before or after our shower.

To wrap, the staycation was pretty decent and for the price I paid (Because it was his birthday treat!), I thought there was little to complain about. We also had complimentary buffet breakfast at The Swiss Garden Hotel, but that was just bad. We ended up just eating for the sake of eating, then went back to our suite to sleep until it was time to check out. It's sad that our trip was a really short one, because he had to be back in the office the very next day. 

Late night coffee at VCR Cafe. 

A plus point of Swiss Garden Residences would be that they're right next to VCR Cafe that serves pretty good coffee and delicious cakes, by the way. Here we had a latte and a mocha, then chatted till midnight when closing time loomed us by. It was a staycation we (Or at least I) thought was worthy. Would I stay here again? Most probably if there was another LAST MINUTE WITH FREE UPGRADE deal. This time perhaps, I'll get a bigger suite? 

Pros: The location. It's a 10 minute walk to the Bukit Bintang area, which has everything you ever need. It's also next to VCR Cafe. Yay. 

Cons: Place was still a little dusty when we walked in, especially the washroom.

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