Staycay Series: Hotel Majestic

By Elie - 6:17 AM

Days since my last post: 8 

I firmly believe that this would be one of my most expensive staycay series entries ever, and I'm reliving this moment over and over again in my head. Not because it was expensive, (Well maybe a little because it was expensive) but because we made amazing memories over the days we stayed here.

Welcome to Hotel Majestic.

So before anyone jumps up and screams that I'm filthy rich, or that I've been spending extravagantly while whining about being poor on my other social media streams, I must say that the boyfriend and I are fantastic deal diggers. In fact, he was the one who dug this one up and we paid a tiny fraction of the original price that warranted us a night's stay in this majestic place...and we even got an upgrade!

The boyfriend negotiating for an upgrade. 

Believe me when I say he sells ideas great okay, because he sold me the idea of taking a staycation here even when I've never believed in paying more than RM 200 for a hotel room. But look at where we were! 

A king sized 4 poster bed for our slumbers. 

May I just say that this bed is probably one of the most comfortable beds I've been on? Perfectly firm, yet bouncy enough for me to roll around. The pillows were also amazing, though one too many for the both of us. We ended up only sleeping with 4, and left the other two pillows on our lazy chair. The bolsters were also rather firm, but became a good back rest for my non-sleeping moments.

A tub for soaks, and separate showers for a less bubbly time. 

Basic amenities such as shower gels, shampoos, conditioners, toiletries, and towels are aplenty, but have you ever been in a hotel that gives you bath salts for your soaks? Well then, meet the glorious bathroom of Hotel Majestic where bath salts are provided for all your soaking needs. I've never loved a bath tub more in my life.

What became his Gundam workstation that evening.

And all this glorious space! 

I believe we were placed in a Junior Suite after the upgrade at zero cost, but looking at pictures from the website, I would have totally been happy in their deluxe room anyway. Nobody complains about free upgrades though. And true to the name of the hotel, it was a real majestic experience. Not only did I for once live in a freaking suite room, they even have people come into the room and make it when evening falls. They literally prepare your bed so you could just turn in and sleep! Like, WHAT?! 

 A lazy corner. 

From here on out. 

Not a fan of sleeping early? Yeah, me neither. But they actually have this lazy chair where you can just plop yourself down right next to the bed, and when you're sleepy, the bed is about 5 steps away. Do you see how they even lay out your bedroom slippers by the bedside? Talk about being treated like a king. Or queen in my case.

KL has never felt so glorious. 

Our room overlooked the pool and the Federal Territory Syariah Court, and for once I felt like that building looked pretty amazing. I mean, it has always held its heritage but looking at it from this view made everything feel better. 

And all this made possible, by this person. 

All in all, we had a fantastic stay at Hotel Majestic, but really who wouldn't? We got to take a dip in the pool, we had expensive (But not that great) coffee come tea time, we explored the hotel grounds, and then we just lazed our days away. They even had free shuttles that took us from the hotel to Starhill; or better known as the Bukit Bintang area, as well as The Gardens Mall where we had food that were more affordable. I mean come on, we've already paid for the hotel so obviously we had no money for their food. 
So to wrap up, will we or will we not stay here again? We obviously want to nod our heads vigorously but neither of us print money so this was a one-time off kind of stay. Now that we've experienced this majestic stay, we think we'll go back to our boutique hotel experiences. Though we don't omit Hotel Majestic from our list of places we would return to for special occasions like anniversaries and such. 

Pros: Everything about the hotel. Literally everything. From the rooms to the service, from the views to the hotel grounds, everything. 

Cons: They have stiff bolsters. I like my bolsters soft.

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