Staycay Series: Chaos Hotel

By Elie - 10:09 AM

Days since my last post: 11 

So after reigning from all the grand feels of Hotel Majestic, the boyfriend and I have now returned to earth and recently visited Chaos Hotel that is conveniently located right in the heart of the Golden Triangle in KL. That's where the likes of Bukit Bintang and Pavillion is, by the way.

Welcome to Chaos Hotel! 

Truth be told, I have never heard of this hotel ever. The name itself gave me a jump, and the way I actually found out we were even going for a staycation gave me even bigger a jump because I was literally just going to meet the boyfriend for the long weekends and laze around, before he texted and said he booked us a staycation. What? 

The master of surprises. 

Checking in for the evening.

Funny enough while the name of the hotel seemed a little dodgy, (It was called Chaos, what was I to expect?) it was actually a really nice boutique stay for the evening. There was no parking provided however, so unless you're willing to burn a hole in your pocket to pay for KL rates, I would suggest to grab the public transport down to Bukit Bintang and then walk over.

Waving hello to Ansa Hotel and Greyhound Cafe from the chill out area.

As much a space as a boutique hotel's lobby needs. 

The hotel can be found along the street nestled between Fahrenheit88 and Ansa Hotel, and there's quite a stretch of boutique hotels there which the boyfriend and I have vowed to visit some other day. Because it was not directly on the main road, our night's rest was actually really peaceful too, with no loud noises or car sounds unlike the time we were at Ansa Hotel. 

Queen sized bed. 

The queen sized bed was a surprise to us both, as he had booked the room thinking we were getting single beds that would be pushed together because that was the only room left on the booking page. Neither of us are complaining however, as the bed was ridiculously comfortable and the pillows were just right for us to sleep in. Our only issue was that there was no window in the room so when all the lights were off, we would never know the time outside...which was why we thought it was midnight when we woke up at 10.30 AM the next day.

Mounted TV, and table space. 

Oddly enough, Chaos Hotel quickly topped the list to become one of my favourite places to stay from the moment I walked into the room. It was larger than the Deluxe Room from Container Hotel, and somewhat more comfortable thanks to the walking space we (finally) had from a boutique hotel stay. They also had a mini fridge that was much to my boyfriend's delight, because he could finally buy cans of his favourite coffee to store for the next morning. 

When your girlfriend banishes you to the closet.

Ample for businesses and such. 

Storage space was aplenty at Chaos Hotel as they had a large enough closet space to even fit my boyfriend, and 3 little nooks by the side accompanied by a wall mounted safe deposit box. The toilet was also comfortably sized with it not being claustrophobic though the water pressure left little to be desired as I had to go through the moodiness of it. Imagine shampooing midway and the water pressure became pretty small. Urgh. Oh and while I'm on shampooing, they also provide necessities such as shower gels and shampoo but it doesn't soap up so I'd recommend bringing your own if you're like me who believes that more bubbles makes a cleaner person. 


There's also only 1 mirror in the entire room, which was inconveniently fitted in the toilet so when I wanted to get ready with my beauty regime to leave and my boyfriend was taking his shower, I clearly couldn't. Only complaint for the place I suppose? Oh and it was a little dim, hence the grainy photos. There's only so much my phone can do after all. But will I come back? Definitely. The location is a major plus point, with it being just 3 minutes away from Pavillion, 5 minutes from Sungei Wang, and about 10 minutes from Jalan Alor, I don't see why I wouldn't be back.

Pros: Location is major love. The beds are comfortable, and it's not ridiculously pricey for a middle-of-the-town kind of stay. 

Cons: No windows so you *might* overstay. Unclear on late check-out charges. It's also a bit dim, and the platform between the bed and floor is a bit high so if you're the kind who wakes up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet like my boyfriend, then you'll have to be EXTRA careful.

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