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Shneep's gone traveling. Be back soon!

I have to admit that at the date of this publishing, I really am not in Malaysia. This is a scheduled post but I wanted to clear off my backlogs before I came back from my major break...but more on that when I really am back. So yay, another staycay entry!

Welcome to The Kuala Lumpur Journal. 

It is also known as The KL Journal, and is in fact a boutique hotel located along the quieter streets of KL called Jalan Beremi. They're pretty new too, having only opened in 2015 so it's no wonder I haven't quite heard of them. But really, I haven't actually heard of any of the hotels I've done staycations in anyway. 

A nice and bright lobby.

And pretty big too. 

Again, this was a surprise find by my other half who has more interest in staycations than I do now, and when he showed it to me, I got interested very quickly. It seemed like a hot spot for the "ang mohs" as well, which was apparently when we checked-in and got into our room. Security for the rooms are top notched however, as you can only access them if you've got the card key.

A comfortable king sized bed, which the other half ruined before I took a picture.

And the sight of a TV mounted as I snuggled in bed. 

I expected nothing less of the room, given that it wasn't exactly a cheap stay for the other half to pay for. It was spacious and glorious, as we overlooked the Bukit Bintang areas but were away from all the noise. The king sized bed felt just right, and the pillows were fluffier than we both expected. The boyfriend spent the evening building his model kit at the table that night, and I simply wiggled my way through in bed reading manga. Such was life. 

The golden throne.

A choice of rain shower or the shower head.

And glorious amenities yay! 

I liked how spacious the bathroom was, and I must especially commend that they had a choice of the rain shower or the shower head. This is because my other half is a rain shower kind of guy, while I'm of the latter, so no arguments there. Amenities were also well provided in a wooden drawer, so when you don't need it you can simply tuck it away. It was here that the boyfriend mentioned the hotel was apparently a 4-star boutique hotel. Explains the lavishness here then. 

The infinity pool. 

On the 11th floor sits The Kuala Lumpur Journal's infinity pool that again overlooks Bukit Bintang, which makes your swim way nicer than any other regular workout. It's open from 7.30 AM for the early swimmers, and closes only at 8 PM if you're one who enjoys an evening swim. Oh, and have I mentioned that they use salt water instead of chlorine water? Ding! Brownie points for not ruining my hair with chlorine! They also apparently have a 24-hour gym, but I'm not one of those healthy ones so it's just a good to know kind of thing.

The Worker's Union.

Thinking space.

And art space. 

Not a fan of working out? Well, you can just work...out of the office. The Kuala Lumpur Journal offers a space called The Worker's Union, which are basically rooms ideal for out of the office brainstorms and work sessions so you don't feel ridiculously confined to one space forever. A part of me wishes I could do stuff like this too. Like, work out of the office. They offer 3 rooms with different set ups for different uses, and a nice big hall space for town hall sessions, or if you're into placing a ping pong table amidst some art exhibition then by all means go for it here. 

Meet The Shack.

Conveniently located by The Worker's Union, The Shack is The Kuala Lumpur Journal's in-house bar space that serves bites and drinks to anyone who fancies one. While we didn't sit down for a drink, the outdoor ambiance of this first floor space did intrigue us to one day return and experience it for ourselves. Perhaps when it's less humid. (Which is never, because we're in Malaysia. Boo!)

Journey up! 

As an overall, I thought The Kuala Lumpur Journal gave us quite an experience that was smack in the middle of the busy KL yet away enough to be in our own space of peace and quiet. We're making plans to return, because I've mentioned that I needed more time in that salt water infinity pool. Dear boyfriend, please be reading. 

Pros: Location is a plus. You're a 5-minute walk away from Bukit Bintang and Jalan Alor, while public transportation is also all over. The hotel is clean and gives out a majestic vibe, yet not overly pretentious that you have a fear of walking in with shorts and slippers.

Cons: For a boutique hotel stay, the price is slightly more steep than I expected for it to be. But then again it's a 4-star boutique hotel so that's up to your discretion.

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