Getting In Gear with Lucozade Sport Lemon

By Elie - 5:45 PM

Days since my last post: 14

Hello again! I've returned from my long break, but before I've even had the time to sort out my pictures, I've come to realize that my next holiday will be in 78 days and it'll be to one of the most popular beach destinations. And you know what that means?

It means it's time to get back in gear...and in shape! 

That's right! I've unfortunately been away from exercising for the past half a year, and my weight has ballooned to a number I'm truly unhappy about. While my other half really isn't complaining, but all my clothes has been so unflattering lately with my chunkiness everywhere that I think it's time to attempt for a bikini body again. With that however, it would definitely mean that I've got to find myself a companion in re-energizing and re-hydrating before and after my workouts. And guess what's coming to town? Uh no, not Santa. It's the refreshingly new Lucozade Sport in Lemon flavour!

New workout essentials.

For those who don't know, Lucozade Sport products are specially formulated for effective hydration based on scientific evidence substantiated by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), generic literature, and perhaps backed with the best of everything - human intervention studies. Which means they've tried it on people; people like you and I! It's perfect for both frequent gym goers to amateurs who have just picked up sports, because it replenishes the sodium lost while we sweat through the electrolytes while the carbohydrates helps to provide you with even more energy so you can take your workout further. And more workout means one step closer to my bikini body!

It also isn't fizzy, so you don't get bloated drinking it!

Need something to replenish your workout too? Lucozade Sport Lemon is now available at all hypermarket, supermarkets, provision stores, and convenience stores nationwide at just RM 2.50 a bottle. It's also available in a yummy orange flavour if lemon isn't your kind of thing! You can know more from or off their YouTube channel at But until then, more workouts for me now. 

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