Meeting Japan: Prologue

By Elie - 7:00 AM

Days since my last post: 14

Hello blog space! Been a while since I've been around, and everyday I riddle myself to when I can finally return. Perhaps it's work, or maybe it's just life taking over, but I've not been finding the mojo or time to sit down for some good writing for a while now.

Watching the sunset in Japan from 40 floors above is really something.

But lost as I may be, I'm hoping that starting on my Japan series will help me come back into the zone. And yes, if you didn't already guess from my billion and one throwbacks (That's still ongoing) on my Instagram, I was in Japan about a month back. The trip was amazing, just as my time lapse in this post shows.

And until the time I can sit down for a proper count to everywhere I've been to remember everything I've seen, sayounara.

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