Meeting Japan: Tempozan Ferris Wheel x Dotonbori

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Whoops, my previous post ran a little long with the pictures so here's a split from that day. The next destination on our books for the day was actually to hitch a ride on the Tempozan, Osaka's largest ferris wheel that was once also the world's largest until the London Eye of the UK took over.

A special mention: You can also grab this delicious Milky Soft Cream ice cream for just ¥300 beneath the Tempozan!


Scaling 112.5 meters in height, the Tempozan carries 60 carriages, with 4 of them being a see-through fully glass paneled carriage. Wait time can be long, but it's quite worthwhile if you'd to experience just that little bit more thrill in your 17-minute ride.

A little frosted, but still a see-through.

Saying hello to the Akashi Straits Bridge.

And the Osaka Bay where we were at during the Santa Maria Cruise. 
The illuminated building is the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan.

We chose to ride on the ferris wheel just as the sun was setting, because it is then that the ferris wheel begins to illuminate in LED lights for a gorgeous view while you're on the ground. I had also expected to catch the sunset, but the clouds were unforgiving and I only caught glimpses of the rays fading.

Surprise! Did you think I'd travel without him this time? 

With the better half.

Views from above.

We rode the Tempozan twice in fact, once as the sun was setting and another time on a different day at noon. The ride usually costs ¥800 per person at no extra charge for the glass carriage, but we got in for free on our Osaka Amazing Pass! They were not kidding when the named the pass. Is this a must visit? Well, considering how the Kaiyukan, Santa Maria Cruise, and Tempozan are all located at one spot then I don't see why not? The views from the ride is unforgettable, and makes an absolutely great date spot. 

Tempozan Ferris Wheel
Open from 10 AM to 10.30 PM daily
¥800 per person (Including children aged 3 and above)


The final spot of the day was Osaka's most famous night spot of all times, where all young and hip people get together, where street food aplenty, and the buzz just keeps going. That's right, it's Dotonbori.

Hello Dotonbori.

Famously known as the spot where the Glico running man advertisement is, Dotonbori is a street that features not just eateries but also pharmacies that tourists throngs into for Japanese beauty products. And I'm not even kidding because my other half and I both saw how some tourists even brought an empty luggage to store her mask haul. It's crazy! 

Hello Glico man! 

But of course, you ain't been to Dotonbori if you haven't taken a picture with the Glico man, though I really have no idea what he symbolizes. He does however look over the Dotonbori Canal, which we later took a little cruise in.

The Dotonbori Canal.

Meet the Don Quijote Ferris Wheel!

By the canal also sits the all famous Don Quijote, a tax-free shopping haven to the shopaholics alike. They feature floors of snacks, beauty products, branded goods, and other little Japanese knick knacks if that's your thing. They also have a ferris wheel atop their building, but it has long closed because of a part malfunction rendering it unsafe for rides. It's still interesting to see the carriages lit up however, because well's a ferris wheel on top of a building! 
Taking the Tombori River Cruise down Dotonbori Canal.

 An enthusiastic guide takes you through.

As a way to unwind, we both decided to grab tickets to the Tombori River Cruise that takes us on a 25 minute ride down the Dotonbori Canal. Tourists were aplenty, and they have an ever-enthusiastic tour guide who would speak about the histories of the canal and bridges we would eventually pass by. Tickets are ¥900 a person, but again it's free with the Osaka Amazing Pass!

Remember the shop on the left: Kani Doraku!

Char-grilled snow crab legs.

We ended the night in a high note with this purchase of char-grilled snow crab legs from the famous Kani Doraku by the corner of Dotonbori. People were seen queuing to enter the restaurant as the manager apologetically told them it was full, so we settled for these that were going at ¥900 a pack. I wish I didn't skimp on my money so much while I was there, because these were the bomb. The meat of the snow crab legs was ridiculously fresh and sweet, while the aroma of the char-grilled goodness just hits you in the face that little bit before leaving you to want more. I swear if we returned to Osaka, I'd book a meal in Kani Doraku...though it would possibly set me back ¥4,000 at a minimal. Hashtag worth it.

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