2K17: Resolutions

By Elie - 10:46 AM

Days since my last post: 2

It's almost unbelievable how quickly days past and the hours in life just keep running, and in a single blink we're in a brand new year. Hello there, 2017. May you be just a little better than your elder sibling and that you bring us more joy for the year. The first thing my other half said to me as we stepped into the new year however was, "Well you're going to go through your quarter life crisis this year!" Talk about positivity to start the year.

And traditions as traditions flow, every year I'd come up with a list of resolutions to tell myself to hit and this year I became a little lazy so much so my list is only up on the 2nd day of the new year. But better late than never, I say...which leads me to now checking what I'd like for 2K17.

I clearly have colleagues who knows me too much and gave me coin box.

Perhaps this is a quarter life crisis thing, but I've come to realize that my life is now nothing but bills and debts as well as the reality of everything becoming more expensive. At this point of typing this however, I have 3 trips to go abroad planned and just about a little over RM 500 left in my bank account. What indeed am I doing with life? I don't even know.

All hail unimpressed parents.

If there was one thing I came to realize in 2016, it was that I did tons of traveling and had numerous staycations but none of which were with my parents. So in 2017, could I possibly make them leave home a little more for some adventure together? One could hope. But really, if I could save more money then I could take them on more trips, no? Do my first 2 resolutions make sense if I were to link them together?

And once again, I've dropped out of my Japanese classes over personal reasons but a part of me will always love learning Japanese. My trip to Japan in 2016 only made me love the language further, and I'm hoping that in 2017; whether by self-learning via movies and songs, or by attending lessons again, I could further improve this linguistic love of mine.

In almost every resolution, we would see everyone wanting to lose weight and that's perhaps also what's always on mine. This year however, I'll just be slightly more realistic and say I'd like to complete some of those 30-day health challenges and keep doing them over the year in order to curb my weight issues. They're practically free to rip off Google and almost free to execute from home with close to zero equipment...except for a chair or a yoga mat occasionally. Wish me luck on this one, because I tend to slack off after a week or so every time.

In 2016, I finally put down my dreams of being a stewardess because everyone has to face the reality that we can't always get what we want anyway. But in 2017, I'm just wondering if I could pick up the courage to write again. And by writing I definitely don't just mean to write a blog post or to pick up a pen, but instead to publish a story...if not several. I know I've always had ideas swimming and boggling my mind, making their way into severed dreams and ruining my beauty sleep so I'm hoping I could just one day find that part inside me to write stories. Whether a dream or a resolution, we'll see again in December 2017.

 Here's to you, 2017.

Life is about not being greedy, so 5 resolutions should be more than enough for me to handle this year. Other little things includes not getting fired from my job, cleaning my room a little more, and buying less clothes but those are probably things I *can* do if I wanted to and not so much a resolution. So onwards to 2017 and beyond, may everyone achieve whatever want this year...or you could just keep it for the next.

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  1. why did you have to lay down your dream of being a flight attendant? also, happy 2017 to you and your other half! i hope you achieve everything you set out to. all the very best with writing. it's always daunting to take something new on but you'll never know just how high you can fly if you never try! a good way to start is nanowrimo, i think. all the best, eliphante!

    1. Hello! I lay it down cause I've tried about 4 times with SQ and twice with AirAsia, but with every rejection it takes a huge toll on my self esteem and so I decided to not try anymore.

      Hahaha yes I've heard of Nanowrimo, but I'm not sure if I could commit so well to it. I might try though! ;)

      Happy 2017 to you to mama Mouse!


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