2016: Wrapping Up

By Elie - 5:00 AM

Days since my last post: 3 

And so it has come again, to look at what I've been wanting to this year and perhaps did not achieve it...or did I? Looking back, I've had quite an eventful year as compared to the ones before and while there has been down days, I choose to really look at my ups because life's too short for rainy days. Unless you're comfortably in bed, tucked under a warm blanket and surrounded by fluffy pillows. Then let the rainy days pour!

So on the first day of 2016, I told myself that there were 5 things I'd like to achieve for the year instead of my usual 10 because I always failed most of them. They weren't too tough, but not exactly the easiest thing to do either. And sometimes I wonder why I even set them for myself.

  • Love my family more
When we first stepped into 2016, I swore to love my family more than I already do. Much has changed in our family, what with an additional member into the count. I have however been spending a lot more time OUT of home, but our bond remains the same as before at home. Perhaps it is also my time away that makes my time back home so much more precious, and I look at loving the old duo a lot more than before. Could it also be that I too am getting older, and so I appreciate such moments more?

  • Travel to Japan

While it was all talk on the first day on 2016, I'm glad that this year I managed to make it to the Land of the Rising Sun like I've always wanted to. Almost like a dream come true like my trip to the UK last year, this year's travel to Japan opened my eyes to so much more than a solo trip can do. It taught me to be considerate to someone else's feelings, and to discuss about my plan for the next day. It taught me spontaneity, and to just let loose sometimes while were travelling. And if anything, I absolutely fell more in love with Japan than before.

  • Pick up on my Project 365

First mistake on this is that it should really be a Project 366, because it is a leap year. While I did not achieve a Project 366 of my own selfies, I did manage to keep up to posting 1 picture a day on my Instagram as my Project 366. It was a reminder of what had happened daily, and if it were a throwback, then a reminder of what had made me happy. It felt like quite an achievement, but at the same time a burden because I had to constantly remember to put something up. Would I continue? Perhaps not. But no promises. 


  • Really learn Muay Thai
I'm sorry to say I have completely quit exercising, which truly explains my ballooning weight. I am probably at my heaviest in my life, but the quitting came from the fact that traffic out of my office stretched from a bearable 15 minute wait in the parking lot to a 2-hour nightmare just to crawl out to the main road. I then cancelled my membership with the Muay Thai gym and have since resorted to taking 30-day challenges from home. It hasn't helped a lot, but that would probably be something about my diet. Either way it's a resolution I failed, and I am not exactly proud of it. 

  • Chase my dreams 
This year unfortunately, I finally put down my dreams once and for all. I've come to realized how much my family has had to go through with me every time I try for it, and perhaps the self-esteem hits it has taken on me for every time I failed. While I do truly regret not being able to be what I've always wanted to be since I was a child, I am positive that a different path has been written for me from the Gods above. I thank my family and friends for their never-ending support however, and I'd always remember this dream of a little girl who wanted nothing but to fly. 


  • Having an additional family member 

This year my family count got up to 6, with my niece being the newest addition to melt everyone's hearts. My father is especially in cloud nine, and has become my now 7-month old's niece favourite person in the whole wide world...when she isn't sleepy anyway. My once strict father whom many of my friends finds scary now spends most of his time watching videos of my niece for about a billion times and looks forward to video calls every other night while I have also been replaced. I am now only his second favourite. Boo!

  • Getting in a relationship

I guess when it comes to resolutions, sometimes there will be things you least expect to happen actually happen to you. One of the things I'd be thankful for this year is how I've found someone who takes me for who I am through my ups and downs. For taking me even when I take up about 3/4 of his bed and rolls away with his blanket in the middle of the night, and for simply being  my pillar of strength whenever I needed someone by my side. This one is for you, boyfriend. Thank you.

  • Losing a loved one

This year; or rather last week, I lost my aunt to a long battle of cancer and while we all expected her departure, it does not stop the ache in my heart from the thought that someone so dear has already passed. I learned that life doesn't just halt for you and whatever should happen will happen so if at any point you want to stop and rethink your choices...well you can't. Everything has already been planned out for you. I can only pray everyday that she rests in peace, and that everyone else stays here forever. And ever. And ever. You get the point. 

Just to wrap, I suppose 2016 wasn't too bad a year. Sure we've had tons of down times, but I chose to see the ups from those moments so I don't feel so terrible. Would I hope for a better 2017? Absolutely! But I wouldn't change a single thing that has happened to me in 2016, because it is only then that I could grow to be someone better right? Right. So long and farewell, 2016. May your little sibling who will arrive in 12 hours be somewhat better than you.

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