#RayElie Turns One

By Elie - 5:00 PM

Days since my last post: 5

On the 20th of November 2014, I was first invited by a friend to attend an interview at the company I am currently in. That was when I first met you. 15th of December in the same year was my first day at work, and a company dinner happened 3 days later. You said I ignored you through the night, even when all you wanted to say was, "Hi".

On the 10th of December 2015, we took our friendship a step up and came to realize we do like each other a little more. We decided to try things out, see where it would take us. You asked if I would be your girlfriend on Christmas the same year, and again on the 24th of January 2016...which I then finally said yes.

Valentines 2016.

Today is the 24th of January 2017. In the past year we've had our ups and our downs. We've traveled near and far, making memories that belong to just us. We've also had tons of our firsts, and we haven't looked back since. From our first dinner dates to the first staycation, our first disagreement, and our first trip abroad...and now here we are.


Thank you for your patience in this relationship over the past year. Thank you for teaching me what positivity means, and how easy we could lose ourselves in the ocean of self doubt. Thank you for holding me up whenever I felt down, and for having tons of cotton t-shirts for me to cry on. Thank you for your constant care and love, for the words you say and the things you do for me without ever expecting returns.

I can only hope that we will continue to grow in our relationship; not fatter, but stronger. To build better days for us both. To keep believing in each other, and to keep the spirit of us instead of you and me. Happy first year anniversary, Ray.

And thank you for the ring, fiancé. 

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