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So it's no secret that I've always been dying to lose some excess weight, but I've also just been so surrounded with food and junk that whatever workouts I do tends to just offset what I put into my system, or that it doesn't help at all. Being in the office from 10 AM to around 6 PM daily, and being stuck in traffic till 10ish PM also doesn't help, because it just means I have no time at all to *ACTUALLY* do a proper workout.

If you guys do remember however, I've previously shared my thoughts on the Jonlivia S+ Air Hotpants; the hotpants that helps you sweat even when you're not doing anything, or sweat more when you're working out. Click here if you haven't already seen it. Well, they came back to me a while after I reviewed the Jonlivia S+ Air Hotpants, which is why I'm here to talk about the...

Jonlivia Unisex Hot Belt! 

Hot belts are all the rave these days, because it promises to not only help making your belly area sweat without doing anything, it also promotes a better body posture, and for the ladies - I can tell you that it is God sent on your ladies' days. 

With self-heating health magnets for that fuzzy feel! 

The Jonlivia Unisex Hot Belt is equipped with self-heating health magnets that fit directly on your back and tummy, so you get that slow heating sensation that helps with blood circulation and you know it's working hard to burn your fats little by little. I have to say however that it will first feel slightly uncomfortable because of the heating sensation, but once you get used to it then it's all good. It is also this heating sensation that's perfect for us ladies when we get unwanted monthly visitors, because it works exactly like a heat pad that we'd carry around, and you feel less bloated because the belt helps to constrict your belly areas.

Stretchy material all round, with a professional leather back.

Because the belt is designed to fit just about everyone, it's fitted with stretchy materials around the back and the sides, while a leather back makes it look pretty professional if anyone were to actually see you wearing it around. What I like is that it doesn't even show when you're wearing a tee shirt over it, so you can be burning belly fats without people knowing that it's happening.

Perfect pair with the Jonlivia S+ Air Hotpants.

While I didn't experience an epic sweat out with the Jonlivia Unisex Hot Belt just yet, the heat that I could feel around my waist and belly definitely tells me that it's working its way through my layers of fats. With the plans of a wedding coming up soon, I can totally foresee that the Jonlivia Unisex Hot Belt and I are going to be very good friends. 

You can grab your own from the official Jonlivia website for just RM 88, and they come in 3 sizes - S, M, and L for that perfect fit. Happy belly fat burning!

Disclaimer: The Jonlivia Unisex Hot Belt was provided by Jonlivia for review purposes, but all opinions have not been affected in any way.

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