Staycay Series: Times Square Suites

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Tis the season to be clearing backlogs! Though I'm not sure if it's a good or a bad thing that I've actually racked up some backlogs, I must say I'm glad because I've otherwise got nothing much to put up in this space. Life has been riddled with lots of work and more work, so having these staycation experiences really helps keep me on the ground before I stab people. But less on that, and more on staycations. Today, let's talk about one of the most unlikely looking suites located in the Golden Triangle of KL.

This is the Times Square Suites!

A surprise find after roaming the evil realms of Agoda on my phone, we managed to get ourselves into the Times Square Suites at a rather reasonable price. The procedure in getting our room keys were a little dodgy however, because we're told not to pick up the keys from the lobby but instead deal with a foreigner who was instructed by a Chinese lady who would contact us via the phone. Upon entrance, the room was surprisingly inviting and all dodgy thoughts left immediately.
 Table for 2.

 A comfy queen sized bed.

I would say the suite comfortably fits about 4, but only if the other 2 people don't mind sleeping on the sofa and floor respectively. There's also a mini kitchenette if you'd like to cook, but being so close to Jalan Alor and the beauty of other KL food, you really wouldn't want to go through that hassle of cooking and cleaning anymore.

Said kitchenette.

Tub included!

 Or a standing shower, if you'd prefer.

What I did enjoy; obviously - was that they had a bathtub where I got to have a soak in. It's like a luxury I used to only get when I went back to my grandparents' place in Penang back in the days, and now I'm dipping myself in bubbles again. Their water pressure even when we're about 21 floors high was still pretty strong, and I was thoroughly surprised because I half expected a really crappy water pressure to complain about.

Staring longingly at the pool.

And gazing at the hazy KL skyline.

Unfortunately for me, we didn't quite expect to do a staycation that weekend so I didn't pack my swim clothes. All I could do was stare longingly at the pool, and then when the rain fell I was secretly in glee because I then didn't feel that bad. We ended up giving Times Square Suites a return as our countdown to 2017 location, because the price and everything else matched up to what we wanted. After our second stay however, my other half revealed that he didn't feel as comfortable anymore with the suite, and so we may not be returning anymore. 

I feel like this listing on Agoda is a little bit of a hit and miss, and perhaps even run a little illegally given the nature of how we were supposed to collect our keys. It had quite an Airbnb feel to it, though not quite because they operated like a hotel rather than a homestay. The feeling isn't something I could put into words, but I'd just say to stay with caution.

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