Staycay Series: The Yard Boutique Hotel

By Elie - 7:30 AM

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When will my staycations ever end? Try about never. Before dating my other half, I never thought there would be this many hotels in KL, much less in other states of Malaysia. Our aim is to stay in as many possible, because life's too short to just stay at home and be in your PJs. You got to be at a hotel and be in your PJs! This time round, we explored one of the recommended places under the hip boutique hotel lists...

The Yard Boutique Hotel

Located behind the streets of Bukit Bintang, we've made tons of considerations before settling in because there were several concerns that we've read online. Among them were things like how they didn't have their own parking and you'd have to give in to one of those illegally run open air parking lots for RM 8, and that it was full of mosquitoes. I still wanted to give it a go though, so when the room seemed to be going at a decent price on Agoda, we just went ahead with it.

A decent queen sized bed

The other half examining free toiletries

At first sight, the room was a true treat because I had really expected it to be run down and eerie. It was however decently bright, and the premium queen sized bed did give us a really good night's sleep during our stay. I loved the concept of the partition that helped separate the bed area and the sink, because it felt like we had 2 rooms in that single space, and yet it didn't feel too cramped up.

A mini fridge is included, and sneakily hidden 

Washroom space

If anything, I loved the use of the ring light mirror by the sink because it made for such glorious lighting when I was doing my morning face routine. The mini fridge was also left empty for you to use, and we ended up buying some drinks back to chill for the night. Water pressure is ridiculously comfortable, and I loved how the shampoo smells. I think I have a thing for shampoos that smell great, though I doubt I'm the only one. 

It bothers me till today that the window isn't in the middle

 A casually classic walkway

Modeled in a colonial style home, The Yard Boutique Hotel did give me a vibe of the classics, and the use of those old school tiles as their walkway elevated it further. The windows from our room too, would open up for some fresh air to enter, but because of some construction that surrounds the hotel, we could only smell rubbish and it was plain disgusting. As per previous reviews, the hotel was also filled with mosquitoes, but if you'd just ask nicely, the staff would be happy to provide you with a bottle of Shieldtox to keep in your room. 

That romantic night view

If it weren't for the horrible smell of rubbish and the immense amounts of mosquitoes, we would have really loved to spend the evening by the courtyard of the hotel though. The open air concept in the courtyard was really refreshing, and we could only hope to someday see that improvements were made to reduce the smell...or something along those lines. I guess as an overall, The Yard Boutique Hotel was really quite an experience, but if no improvements are made with the smell, the parking issues, and the pesky mosquitoes, then we really wouldn't be back. I do recommend it to REAL tourists though, because the location is really on point - about a 5 minute walk to Bukit Bintang and everything else around it. 

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