Staycay Series: The Waterfront Port Dickson

By Elie - 6:30 AM

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If there was something I really enjoy about my relationship, it is the uncertainties of the adventures it brings. Take this staycation we took to Port Dickson for example, where my other half picked me up after I had lunch with my family... and then off we went simply because he was craving for seafood. Everything happened within the span of an hour - from talking about taking a drive down to Port Dickson, to booking our hotel stay, and then we were gone.

Adventure time! 

Our stay for the night was at The Waterfront Port Dickson, which wasn't exactly by the beach but we didn't have to be. Our main aim was to have gone for a trip... and for him to have seafood. It was essentially a boutique hotel, and all we needed was a bed for us to sleep in for the night. Luckily for us, traffic was really kind albeit it being a long weekend when we took the trip. 

But boy did we get a whole lot more. 

I was in for a ridiculous shock when we entered the room, because I half expected a run down room that had nothing but a bed in the middle of the room. What we got however, was a full blown master bedroom that could easily house about 10 people if we had put beds around... though it wouldn't have been very efficient when it came to toilet time.

I loved that they didn't just limit it to a rain shower.

We had issues with the loo though.

I do commend that they had really hot water for my shower - just the way I like it, and that they didn't just limit it to the rain shower because I don't quite enjoy that. We did run into some issues with the loo however, because water didn't seem to fill up the tank and we had to resort to flushing the manual way. The sink also seemed to leak so I had a tough time brushing my teeth both in the evening and the morning of our departure, but budget as budget hotels go right? 

Vanity table.

That random table at the end of the room.

And the culprit of our road trip.

The room was otherwise pretty amusing to me because it was seriously just huge and they didn't seem to be bothered enough to fill it up with more furniture. All they did was leave a random table with 2 chairs by the end of the room and that was just it. I suppose the favourite part of the entire room for my other half would have been the wall mounted TV, because he got to hook his PS4 up for the evening, and even got to game before we left the next day.

Good morning, Port Dickson.

I suppose if you one day wanted a quick escape from the city into Port Dickson for a little, The Waterfront Port Dickson wouldn't be too bad a choice. Its location does take you a little run for your money, with a nearby public beach (That we unfortunately did not make it to) and lots of shops around if you get hungry. For one they have a 24-hour McDonald's nearby as well as a Starbucks Coffee that looked really grand just around the corner. They are however very basic and don't provide you with toiletries so it's advisable to bring your own, though you can also get them at the 7-Eleven just below the hotel. 

So will we go back? Perhaps not, unless we're that desperate to be back in Port Dickson and all other hotels have been booked away. It's the most basic of basic stays, but there are other choices that we haven't quite tried either. Maybe we'll give those a go... and someday I'll decide again if I want to come back.

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