Staycay Series: Nginap Hotel

By Elie - 5:30 AM

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This staycation happened around Chinese New Year, so you could guess just about how long ago it has been. But the stay at Nginap Hotel was pretty memorable, so much so I could still remember bits and pieces of it even until today so that should say quite a lot about it. To start, it's located around the less popular areas of Subang - but I believe it's still fairly packed if you were to be there on a work day.

Welcome to Nginap Hotel, spot my other half's car.

The most unlikely combination of all time.

Truly unique in every corner.

The first thing we had both spotted when we entered was that Nginap Hotel oozed a feel of music and style, intelligently mixing the two for a really unique walkthrough around the lobby of the hotel. There were art pieces, murals, and other music instruments laid around and you were just most welcome for pictures or to chill at those areas if you feel it. 
A queen sized bed for the night.

 And bath robes! I love bath robes!

True to the roots to its designer boutique hotel label, the rooms of Nginap Hotel have also been tastefully done up. I'd say it's very hipster approved, with large art pieces of popular artists and quirky lamps by the sides of the bed. They have 4 floors in total - as it was originally a shophouse to begin with.

Shower space.

And the others.

The washroom was pretty tiny however, and by the time my other half was done taking his shower there was just water everywhere. I don't know how he does it, but he did it. The pressure was really good though, which was a surprise seeing as that it was again - just a shophouse turned into a boutique hotel. I had expected so much less.

A rooftop area.

Channeling his inner chill.

The biggest surprise of our stay however was the rooftop chill area of Nginap Hotel, tastefully done up for the guests to just while away time whenever you like. There was also free coffee and tea, or plain water if that strikes your fancy that you could have, and we spent the entire evening there when night came. It was far too humid in the day, and I'm not a big fan of sweating. I loved this space the most, and told my other half that if we were going to come back to this hotel, it would definitely be for their rooftop chill area. 

Hello, it's us!

So verdict if we're returning: Definitely. We also didn't have to worry about parking that much because they had about 3 designated spots, but if those are taken then you may need to figure something out. We had just about everything a walking distance away - from cafes to fast food joints, convenience stores, pharmacies, and even a Tesco Express; which I never knew existed in Malaysia. I loved the vibe we got throughout our stay, and loved it even more because (of course) they had that rooftop area. Man, that rooftop area...

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