Staycay Series: Hulo Hotel & Gallery

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Hello blog space! Much has definitely happened since I last came about to update on the staycay series, but as I go along with backlogs, I am also creating more backlogs so I'm truly hoping to clear them soon enough. But there's just so many more places to explore in Malaysia so I doubt we'll be stopping anytime soon! Today we're headed into the heart of KL and reminiscing this stay my other half surprised me with on a Valentine's Day at...

Hulo Hotel & Gallery

Art assembles everywhere

And a chair as majestic as can be

True to its name, Hulo Hotel & Gallery is much more than a boutique hotel located behind the busy streets in Bukit Bintang. It is in fact also an art gallery, plus an event space on its 3rd floor! 

A wooden dummy - made famous by the Ip Man movies

Read as: Jing Mou Moon

And a portrait of Bruce Lee by the wall

Rooms in Hulo are tastefully decorated to different themes, and the one we got for the night was by Bruce Lee. Besides an art piece of a very determined looking Bruce Lee, we were also presented with quotes by the legend himself, a wooden dummy by the side of the room which we doubled as a towel rack, and a plaque that reads "Jing Mou Moon" in Chinese. It's been said to be the martial arts school he attended and was once famous in the movie Enter The Dragon staring Bruce Lee himself.

Also present: Nunchuks

Nice and spacious washroom, and the water pressure is commendable

And a mirror just right for selfies

I loved the concept of thematic rooms, and having stayed in a room where it was Bruce Lee themed was an absolute delight. I remember visiting the Hong Kong museum once where we got to watch a 30-minute documentary on the legend himself, and I've just been intrigued about him ever since. Our room was spaciously comfortable and it was one of those no frills kind of experience with nothing but a mattress in the middle of the room.

Gundam on display

And his favourite of all - a cat!

Our stay at Hulo Hotel & Gallery - albeit at the very last minute without a warning on my end, was a really enjoyable one. I loved how simple everything seemed, and we were welcomed with different pieces of art on every floor of the hotel which we shamelessly explored. Some are said to be on sale, and we've even set our eyes on several if we ever wanted one to decorate our home in the future. I'd definitely love to be back, given that there are so many more thematic rooms to explore!

And a Happy Valentines Day to you... about 3 months late!

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