Staycay Series: E&O Residences

By Elie - 7:00 AM

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Have you ever had a staycation where you felt like a million bucks, and perhaps questioned yourself if you were living a dream that you just never wanted to wake up from? Meet one of my best staycations yet...

At E&O Residences

I've always scrolled through this place whenever we're looking for somewhere new to experience, so when my other half told me he got us a room at a ridiculously low price at the E&O Residences... you could just about guess how happy I was! Or maybe he felt bad that I had to tag along for work on a weekend and this was my compensation? 

Our living room for a night!

And hello kitchen! 

From a single room suite however, we suddenly got an upgrade to a double room suite which included a full sized kitchenette and a living room for our use! It was amazing, and I felt like a rich tai tai out of nowhere!

Our king sized bed

A TV in the bedroom, though I didn't allow him to use it

The king sized bed was fluffy as can be, and I wouldn't leave it even when we needed to check out the next day. Perhaps we should consider a king sized, fluffy as-can-be bed in our future home? We also had a TV in the bedroom but I got my other half to use the one outside instead as I always thought bedrooms were a place for rest and not for TV time.

 A washroom bigger than my bedroom at home

Regular shower area

And my favourite thing of all - a bathtub! 

The bathroom was perhaps just a little smaller than our bedroom, if not the same size. It consisted of a regular shower, the loo, and obviously a bathtub that I got to soak myself in that very same evening until I came out looking like a prune. Not photographed are two sinks, which I think is quite the essential for two people. All homes should come with two sinks in their washroom so you didn't have to fight on who got to brush their teeth first! 

Searing my prawns

My personal chef

Garlic prawn aglio olio, recipe from Google

 Random seared butter scallops, recipe from Google

We made complete use of the kitchen that night, cooking up a storm for 2 with recipes from Google. The results were some really high class looking food to fit in the high class feel of the entire suite, and God bless how close we were to Pavilion because that's where we got all our ingredients from. We would have otherwise settled for food in FamilyMart but that would have killed our tai tai vibes, no? 

 Hello KL Tower at night

And hello KL Tower in the morning 

What's great about our room was that we had an absolutely gorgeous view of the KL Tower unobstructed and it looked beyond amazing at night when fully lit. I would have stared at the tower all night had it not been that the fluffy king sized bed was calling to me, but it was still quite an experience.

A chill area

And a crystal clear pool

Unfortunately I didn't get to dip in the pool as I wasn't prepared with the right clothes, but the surrounding of the suite exuded itself in the charms of luxury that I wish we could afford daily. The time we had in E&O Residences was amazing, and I was beyond grateful for the experience that my other half arranged for us here - albeit all that we did was cook and live a life we don't normally live. Would I return? Perhaps on days we feel rich, but it would probably be a really long while before that happens again.

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