An Update on Life

By Elie - 4:00 PM

Days since my last post: 13

It's amazing how time passes so quickly, and it has been 2 weeks since I started at my new job. I guess making transitions are never easy, especially when you have to adjust something as important as your body clock. My days now start at 7.30 AM which is a whole hour later than what it used to be in the past 2 and a half years. I then get back late thanks to Malaysia's horrible commuting system where nothing is linked to each other and then I crash before the next day starts. But really these are just excuses I tell myself on why I've abandoned my blog space. I've just become old and tired, that's all.

But of course, occasional date nights. 

We've also come into the month of June now - a mark that the first half of the year is almost ending. So much has happened thus far in 2017, what with the proposal, getting a new job and making the transition, preparing for our marriage registration (More on that soon!), and preparing for our home together. My thoughts can sometimes be all over the place, and my friends would vouch for my sanity - or lack thereof in the past 2 weeks. 

Perhaps taking it slow would help... but I'm only in my mid-twenties so who am I to stop now, right? Life has been a constant change, for good or bad but I'm surviving. I'm sure I'll pull through. And yes, this post is merely a reminder from me to me so I'll remember I made it through this struggle because if I could do this one, I'll be able to do the rest that comes. 

Good luck.  

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