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2017 has truly been quite an adventure for me thus far - from getting engaged, to switching my job, and right now my other half and I are headed for our next big step in life... getting a home to call our own. It's always been a dream for me to own a home, and considering the fact that my father is in the real estate industry, I know for sure that houses don't come cheap. I once even thought I'd have a buy a car and shower in public toilets because ain't nobody got money for a house anymore!

My highly intelligent other half however, suggested that we start small instead of being too ambitious. We were after all just 2 people who would probably spend about 8 to 10 hours out of our home and it's possible that when we're home we would just curl up in bed and die rest, because that's who we are. And so with the thought of a tiny home in mind, we began to furnish our weekday evenings watching YouTube videos on space saving ideas - in which I thought some were really interesting!

It's a convertible bench!

One of my favourite video had to be this convertible bench that seemed so interesting because it could be a single seater, or a double seater with something in between, or be turned into a single seater with a table... the opportunities seemed endless!

It could turn into this! So pretty!
Photo credits to: Rob Palmer's YouTube

The idea was so simple! All you had to do was to pick up a template, saw the pieces accordingly and then screw them together! Repeat to create about 15 of the seat pieces and then do about the same with the side pieces before combining them all together with a metal tube and some hammering. The one thing I noticed however was that we would probably need a heavy duty drill that could penetrate through that volume of wood, which is why I'm glad that a leading German brand power tool called Metabo has recently been launched in Malaysia!

Hello there, Metabo Powermaxx Basic Cordless Impact Drill Set!
Photo credits: Metabo

Distributed by the Jasa Kita Group Malaysia, Metabo has always been the leading brand in power tools for both industrial and home users, offering a wide range of regular power tools and convenient cordless tools that runs on a battery pack. This helps quicken the process of DIY projects because you're not tied down to wires and the lack of power plugs around wherever you want to work. Piecing together those woods to create a multi-functional bench by a garden with no available power plug now seems quite doable right? 

To make things even more convenient, Jasa Kita is even offering a warranty of up to 36 months for the battery packs on the cordless Metabo power tools that they've brought in - far longer than any other brands and groups can offer so you can just keep creating DIY things for your house, and finally turn it into a home to call your own. I think there's just something special about creating things for your own space, and hopefully with Metabo in the future, my multi-functional bench wouldn't just be something I see on a YouTube tutorial. 

Click here to visit the Jasa Kita website for more information on Metabo power tools and more!

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