Staycay Series: The Sterling Boutique Hotel, Malacca

By Elie - 9:50 AM

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And I'm back on the regular program of writing my staycay series! This time though, we decided to take a 2-hour drive to Malacca to celebrate my other half's birthday a week in advance. I was glad to have snagged a deal on Agoda for The Sterling Boutique Hotel, because it's a hotel he has been talking about since forever and he just kept saying he'd love to try it out.

An extra visitor. 

We got the Deluxe Double Suite with Spa Bath because there was a promise of a jacuzzi and the room looked pretty good in pictures. Location wise I thought it was pretty decent because it only took us 10 minutes to walk to Jonker Street at night, and they had ample complimentary parking behind the hotel for those who took a drive. 

King sized bed for 2.

And a rather long walkway.

I have to be honest though that I was just slightly disappointed at the condition of the room because I expected it to look just a little newer than what we saw. I was also shocked with a baby cot outside our room - one that we obviously did NOT ask for, and they only removed it when I told them about how creepy it felt to open our room door and see an empty and rather old cot out there.

My promised jacuzzi. 

The jacuzzi however had to be the star of the room. After taking a rather sweaty walk to and back from Jonker's Street that night, I loved that I got to soak myself dead in this jacuzzi where the jet function went on full blast to take away all forms of fatigue there was. My other half admitted to liking the jacuzzi as well, so I guess that was a really good thing. 

We had no issues with sleep that night, though our toilet did malfunction after 2 flushes and water refused to fill up in the tank so we could hear the stream of water just going on and on. While my other half got some quick fixes on it, I actually thought that it wasn't very satisfactory to stay at The Sterling Boutique Hotel given that it was pretty new and had a premium price tag on its rooms if it weren't for Agoda. 

So would we come back to The Sterling Boutique Hotel? I actually don't think so as I don't find the value in it, and I'm pretty sure we'll be able to check out better quality hotels around town. Malacca is after all quite a tourist state, so I'm bound to find somewhere new the next time.

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