Staycay Series: Holagarden Hotel, Malacca

By Elie - 5:30 AM

Days since my last post: 5

Another Malacca hotel after The Sterling Boutique Hotel? Well yes. we extended our stay at Malacca that weekend considering how Monday was a public holiday but we decided to try out a different hotel all together.

This is the Holagarden Hotel...lobby.

My other half was in fact the one who found this hotel, and what helped seal the deal was that they had a water bed. Now I'm not one for fancy things but I've never in my life tried out a water bed so why not right? 

The said water bed... and my other half's slipper. 

Stolen off my Instagram for some water sloshing evidence. 

I'd say the bed was pretty interesting and rather cooling to lie on, but you'd have to be really careful with sharp items in your pockets or risk putting a hole through the bed. It was rather funny whenever either of us turned around in bed however because the water just sloshes to the other side and back... but I'd go back in a heartbeat! 

The most important thing of all: A TV in the room.

Another jacuzzi.

Perhaps people in Malacca have a thing for jacuzzis because this little hotel too had a jacuzzi in the washroom! I didn't get to test it out though because I was rather tired for the night and just really wanted to take a shower then curl onto the water bed and under the covers. Location wise, the hotel was rather far off from Jonker Street and we actually had to get ourselves UBER rides just to get there for dinner and back. Parking was also rather scarce but we were lucky to find one for the night by the hotel compound.

Budget hotel as it was though, I found Holagarden even better than The Sterling Boutique Hotel - which is a huge surprise because it didn't seem as exciting in pictures. Maybe it was because I associated the price tags the rooms had to my expectations in them, but there was simply a better vibe at Holagarden Hotel as compared to the former. Maybe we'll try more Malacca hotels soon. Who knows?

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