Staycay Series: Ceria Hotel

By Elie - 6:30 AM

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Sometimes it feels like my adventures don't end, but life's too short to not explore local hotels so explore we did in KL! This was a Labour Day treat from my other half and we literally went for it just because I taunted him with the word "staycation" over lunch. After pondering at pictures and whatever not, we decided to just go ahead and visit...

Ceria Hotel! 

In case you didn't know, "Ceria" means joyful in Bahasa Malaysia and we could both see why. The hotel was pretty simple out front with limited parking spaces and is just a 5-minute walk away from Times Square. It wasn't facing the busy roads of KL but close enough for us to get to places we wanted to be. 

Outside the hotel.

A bright hotel setting.

The thing about boutique hotels in KL however is that most times they're really minimal and usually requires some stairs climbing. I'm glad our room was just located on the first floor though, or I would have been rather grumpy climbing up flights after flights of stairs.

The Space.

Shower and toilet.

And the most important element of all: A TV in the room! 

Our room was aptly called The Space and came with a queen sized bed, as well as a single bed because we initially thought the room would be overly small if we picked the room that had only 1 bed. We sorely miscalculated how spacious the room could be and just used the extra bed as a space for me to do some work for the evening, until we retreated into the larger bed for sleeping at night. My other half to nobody's surprise obviously had his PS4 hooked onto the TV so no prize for guessing what he did that evening.

A single bed and the washroom behind.

Coupled with a TV!

Our room was initially still being cleaned when we checked in, so we got a sneak peek into other rooms - namely the single room that was next to ours. I thought it would have made a perfect escape for backpackers because of the size and amenities they offered like a private shower instead of a shared space like most boutique hotels around town. I guess I have a thing for privacy sometimes because it just made everything feel more comfortable. 

Convenience was all over Ceria Hotel to be fair - with 3 or 4 outlets of 7-11 stores all within walking distance and the golden triangle of Bukit Bintang was just 10 minutes away. I genuinely loved my moments at Ceria Hotel and told my other half I'd love to be back whenever; be it for the price, the convenience, the comfort, or just because everything felt perfect in this little nook of a hotel. Either way, I did leave feeling quite "ceria"... which I think was the main point of our staycation anyway.

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