Staycay Series: Mingle Hostel

By Elie - 5:30 AM

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If there's one thing better than taking a staycation, I would say it is to take a staycation somewhere you've always wanted to explore. This was the case with Mingle Hostel because I've seen pictures talking about how amazingly rustic and classical this place is.

Welcome to Mingle! 

I love the minimalism.

Mingle Hostel - if I ever had to put it in a single word would be "Hipster". The entire place oozed of Instagrammable vibes, but you could tell it was also a haven for backpackers and tourists who has made it a point in their lives to visit Petaling Street. 

Living in the attic.

Bare necessities?

For the light sleepers.

We got the attic room for two, and surprisingly it came with 2 single beds. I suppose that's my fault because I didn't really check it through, but my other half and I obviously pushed the beds together to form a co-sleeping space. Toilets are by co-sharing basis and it really wasn't as clean as I wanted it to be. They also don't provide any necessities such as shampoos and shower gels so you'll have to come prepared. 
What I found hilarious however was that they provide everyone with a pair of earplugs in fear of noises, and clearly they already know it's a problem because the hotel was located by a rather noisy road with buses and lorries freely roaming around. We didn't use the ear plugs in fear of missing our alarms in the morning, but we clearly did not rest well that night.

Luggage storage under the stairs.

And a cool enough hallway.
Rooftop to chill.

They did think things through for tourists though because you could see they provide a luggage storage area for larger bags. Mingle Hostel consists of 2 floors, and you can see that it's separated accordingly to the type of rooms available.They also have a really nice rooftop for those you enjoy a day under the sky, and Mingle has a designated bartender for that rooftop bar feel. 

I guess as an overall, I did enjoy my stay at Mingle Hostel though we couldn't really sleep that night. I wish I took pictures of the toilets though, but that's just about the only thing I didn't catch. Large bags are definitely not recommended because you'll have to climb up the stairs to reach the hostel itself, and they provide you with Macs if you need computer and WiFi access. 

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