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Hello blog space! Perhaps you are now sick of my staycay series but I assure you - more interesting things are coming up because we finally made trips out of Malaysia for the holidays! The thing about being overseas however is that we have terrible exchange rates at this point, so when my other half first suggested we make a trip to Singapore for the Raya weekends... I had my qualms. It was nice however to have someone who understands you and is willing to share hardships with you, because I told him that a hostel is all I could afford.

And so a hostel we stayed! 

This time around, I found ABC Premium Hostel - located a stone's throw away from Singapore's Farrer Part MRT station along the North East Line. That's the purple one, mind you. True to its nature of a hostel, we got the Queen Size Bunk Bed because there were 2 of us and I specifically asked for the lower bunk because my other half has a habit of waking up in the middle of the night for a toilet run. 

Personal lockers.

Personal plug points and reading lights. 

What came in the bunk was exactly what we needed - a queen sized bed with 4 fluffy pillows, a single blanket big enough for two (Unless you're sharing it with someone who steals your blanket all the time!), 2 personal lockers, 2 plug points, and 2 reading lights - each scattered to the left and right sides of the bunk. It did feel quite safe even when we kept our items in the lockers as we went to shower, and I especially like how they provided a hole by the side of the locker so you can plug your charger to your phone and still keep it safe in the locker!

Shoe lockers.

Key tag. 

Shoes were strictly to be kept in shoe lockers away from the dorm, but we had to sneak our shoes into the dorm because our lockers had spoiled. We also get a rather large luggage locker below the bunk, and everything unlocks itself with a tap of the key tag that conveniently comes in the form of a bracelet so you can just take it anywhere you go. A fee of SGD 10 is collected as deposit when you first check in, but completely refundable when you check out!

Sink and toilet space.

Shower space.

Female and male showers are located rather far away from each other, and for the reason of protecting everyone's privacies. I thought it was a very considerate move especially for single lady travellers, and that was quite a plus point for me. The toilets were ridiculously cramped however, and showers needed some cleaning because hairs seemed to forever clog nooks and crannies of the toilet. It felt disgusting, and I often took very quick showers when I was at ABC Premium Hostel. I even had to hold toilet sessions until we got to malls and such, because I couldn't stand how cramped it felt in the cubicle. Too much information? 

You'll be provided with soap and shampoo, but it's advisable to bring your own facial cleansers and other necessities such as toothbrushes and toothpaste. Towels are available for rent at a minimal fee, so I'm glad we brought out own. People tend to leave their toiletries by the sink, but the hotel staff did mention that items left for more than 24 hours would be thrown away so I think that's a good form of control. A rather powerful hair dryer is available for use by the sink, and I say powerful because I used it on both nights that we were there and my hair was dry in no time as compared to regular hair dryers you see in most hotels. 

Luggage storage space.

And that very chill view. 

I loved how thoughtful they were in providing space to store our luggage for people who had to check out but it wasn't quite time to leave yet, and it was really quite safe because you need to walk all the way to the back of the hostel in order to retrieve it. A chill balcony is also provided for those who would like to while away their time, but we spent no time here at all. 

I guess as an overall, ABC Premium Hostel is exactly what you'd expect from a hostel anyway. It's simple, no-frills, and you're bound to meet weird people in the same dorm as you. We had distruptions both nights from inconsiderate people who kept walking in and out, or were chatting loudly even when the hostel had an 11 PM silent rule. Another issue I had was because I travelled with my other half, our dorm was a mixed dorm and there were obviously other men there who unfortunately snored very loudly. No earplugs are provided by the hotel, so good luck if you're a light sleeper. 

Our stay costed RM 233.47 via Agoda and a discount code I got off my DiGi app (I'm not sponsored by either!) which I thought was fair for what we got. Location wise it was really quite convenient because you could take a 5-minute walk to Farrer Park MRT and get connected to everywhere else. I did wish it were at a location with a better MRT line however, as the North East Line required changing at most larger stations. I give major credits to their staff however - Deng in particular (Yes, that is his name!) because he was ridiculously friendly and attentive! For a while I felt guilty bothering him over and over again, from asking for earplugs to him offering to switch our bunks, it all felt great. 

I'm not sure if I would return to ABC Premium Hostel as of now, but I dare say it's a great find if you need to put up for a night or two in Singapore and get a place that doesn't cost you an arm and a leg. Do be aware that this is after a hostel so toilet sharing is expected, and you'd have to be well clothed most time so no sleeping naked, please. For ladies, I've checked that they do provide female-only dorms so maybe you could consider that for your next stay too!

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