Seeking Singapore: Future World, Where Art Meets Science

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No more staycay series? Yeah, I suppose everyone would be bored of me hopping in and out hotels by now so why not turn it up with a little geeky happiness? So if you'd recall, I had mentioned on making a trip down to Singapore for the Raya weekends... and this was exactly why I did it!

This is Future World: Where Art meets Science

Truth be told, it was only because my other half really wanted to visit this exhibition that was happening at the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands. Having originated from Japan, my other half was quite upset when we didn't catch it during the trip to Osaka and so when he first caught wave of the exhibition in Singapore, he knew where he had to be. Tickets were SGD 17 a pop, but if you're a tourist with a Marina Bay Sands Lifestyle card, you'd be entitled to a buy 1 free 1 promo!

But first, we queued.

Clearly we were not the only ones who knew of the exhibition in Singapore, because we stood in a queue for almost half an hour and then another 15 minutes just to get into the exhibition. There were people from all around the world - Koreans, Spanish, Singaporeans... you just name it and they were probably there. 

Flowers from Swans.

Dark Waves.

Dark Waves with my man.

As the name suggests, it was quite an art exhibition with tinges of science here and there. The art mostly came from Japan and they all had a meaning to them but I was too fixated in the gorgeous effects to really understand things deeply. Perhaps you could say SGD 8.50 was wasted on a person who didn't know how to appreciate art, but I did enjoy my time in there! 

I have zero art sense.

But I saw my jet on the big screens!

And I also printed one out.

One of the stations available allowed us to reconnect with our inner child, and thus we picked up crayons and furiously coloured into some pieces of art blocks. Scanners were available as a way to bring your art work to life, so you could see it fly around the large walls of the ArtScience Museum or even get it printed for a bit of origami fun in the station after.

A play with shadows. 

Our subsequent stations were a great play with shadows for pictures, and quite possibly to create ridiculously artistic pictures for visitors. My favourite had to be a space called Space (I am not kidding!) that featured over 170,000 LED lights hanging from strips and it was just gorgeous. The light show could be controlled solely via a website and you could change the sequencing by picking out the right illusions to send into what they called a Crystal Universe.

Thank you for taking me into your Space.

Perhaps I've come out with a blog post most undeserving of Future World, Where Art Meets Science, but I had such a fantastic time myself that I was glad my other half brought me along to the journey. I didn't quite understand most of what was done, but the memories were well enough for me to think back of the great moments we spent at the ArtScience Museum. Entries are based on time slots to control the crowd in the exhibition and you may find more information by clicking here.

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