Visiting Vietnam: Authentic Homeaway I

By Elie - 9:30 AM

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Can it be? Is it real? Has it truly been a month since my trip to Vietnam with the other half? Well the answer is yes. It's funny how time flew in the course of a month because it felt like only yesterday when we booked the tickets... but it was really a year ago and now we've flown and returned with more memories to boot!

Our location of flight was Ho Chi Minh City - a place where my other half spent his birthday alone last year, and he was far more excited than me to return. I wouldn't complain though, because it meant I needed to do zero planning and left it all to him. And to begin, I'd commend him on the fantastic Airbnb he had found!

Two very large beds for two!

Our homestay was called Authentic Homeaway I - and it costed us RM 80 a night per person. Location wise it wasn't too central to town but I really wouldn't complain because it assured me of a well rested night, especially given that I was sick throughout the trip. In fact my other half had actually stayed in the same place last year, so it was again a re-visit for him.

They even have TV, but everything is in Vietnamese.

Cupboards which we did not utilize and a fully functioning kitchenette.

I'd have to say that for RM 80 a night, this felt like THE deal. I mean we had everything we needed in the place - from a Family Mart 5 minutes away to getting really quick Grab and UBER rides, as well as a fully functioning kitchenette for that one night I got hungry and got my other half to cook me instant noodles. Inside tip: If you're walking in from the main road and you see a stall from a lady who sells banana fritters, BUY THEM ALL.

All we needed for hygiene.

And a whole lot of shitty business.

I was actually quite concerned about the quality of toilet we'd be getting because if it were dirty, I'd be a goner but surprisingly it was really clean. They had provided us with shit loads (no pun intended) or toilet tissues and even told us we could request for more if needed! They'd provided us all we needed in fact, except for toothbrushes and toothpaste but that was no matter for us because we'd always bring our own. 

The only setback I felt from the place was that we had to climb about 3 floors up, and they also had a construction happening when we visited so it did get a bit noisy at times. Our hosts however were top notched and I think they're a team who operates the house together. Prior to our trip they had put us all into a WhatsApp group together and they'd check on us every morning if we needed any help or anything in the house - something no host on Airbnb has EVER done for us. Unfortunately I've forgotten all their names because everything I have is now lost in my old phone but I did find the link to their listing on Airbnb: CLICK

If it's your first time on Airbnb however, do use my other half's link to make your first booking and you'll be given RM 105 to travel for free! CLICK HERE

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