Visiting Vietnam: Saigon Zoo x Saigon Post Office

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I guess to start off, I'd have to say that Vietnam was one place I took the least pictures because most times I was just fixated in blowing my nose from the flu I had throughout the trip. You could say I was pretty unlucky because I actually fell sick a week before the trip, and the flu remained with me during and after the trip - despite me binging on medicine and antibiotics and such. I was a little bit of a kill buzz to my other half, mainly because it was so hot in Ho Chi Minh City and every part of me got easily annoyed by the sweaty feels I'd get in between. So kudos to my other half for withstanding the ridiculous in me, this is the rest of your life now.


Our visit to the Saigon Zoo was a surprise, mainly because our main itinerary got caught in a roadblock from unexpected renovations. While the next thing in our list was the Vietnam History Museum, we were far too early for their afternoon session. And so we settled for the next best thing: The Saigon Zoo and Botanical Garden.

Hello friend! 

Entrance tickets were about 30,000 VND per person and that's approximately just RM 6 for us to walk through the entire zoo and botanical garden where they had a fun fair-like feel everywhere! You could say I started a little less enthusiastic but left the happiest person I could ever be. 

Like when we met this duck!

And got to see real elephants!

Although it felt like we were just there to while away time so we could make it to the Vietnam History Museum, the trip to the Saigon Zoo opened my eyes to how well kept everything in Vietnam was. Granted they had rubbish strewn in places and water just running everywhere but the zoo animals were surprisingly in an even better condition than what we had seen in Japan! They also had a mini botanical garden and locals were seen having a family day out under the trees.

We also spent 20,000 VND by the end of our walk around the entire park for a "train" ride around the park and I have to say I am thoroughly amazed by the efforts put in by the authorities in making sure the park was a fun place to be with everyone in the family. I'd really recommend a visit!


After the zoo, we did drop by the museum but I took no pictures because I spent too much time in awe of how well everything was preserved from the olden days. From there we decided to walk over to the Saigon Post Office which was about 30 minutes away but somehow when you're walking abroad, everything feels alright.

Hello, post office! 

Constructed between 1886 - 1891, the Saigon Central Post Office has been said to be the work of the same architect of the Eiffel Tower but according to Wikipedia it's actually a work by one Alfred Foulhoux. It still operates as a post office till today, and I got to send out 4 postcards inside! 

Hello, the original Mr. Ho Chi Minh!

Gorgeous inside out.

While it was slightly stuffy inside because it wasn't air-conditioned, the post office was still a really nice touch to our trip and I actually liked how there weren't many tourists from a certain horrific country. Instead we got a trade off for a lot of foreigners who were surprisingly a little rude most times and one even had the cheek to snatch one of the postcards I'd already picked out! Needless to say, I snatched it back and glared at her! 

Thanks for always letting me hide behind you. 

The post office of course, is free to enter and exit but you'd have to be there during their business hours to roam around. Pictures are always welcome and their staff are actually really helpful if you need anything. They speak minimal English however, so it's good to be signing around if you're in Vietnam. 


The Saigon Central Post Office is actually located next to the Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica cathedral but unfortunately we never got to go inside because it was a Sunday and they were having mass for members only. In the end we had to settle for a picture outside, but the bell chimes were amazing when they called for mass to start.

Pictures do you no justice, Notre-Dame Basilica.

Surprisingly there were actually a lot of Christians in Vietnam, because I expected more Buddhists for some odd reason. It was still nice to look at this amazing construction that was completed in 1880 still in its glory however, but I'd love to someday return and get a peek at what's inside. Maybe next time.

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