Visiting Vietnam: EON52 Helipad Bar x The Cafe Apartments

By Elie - 8:06 AM

Days since my last post: 6 

I think we had packed most of whatever we really wanted to do into our 2nd day in Vietnam, which was why we went off to the EON52 right after visiting the Saigon Central Post Office. A partial reason to this was also because I didn't feel too good under the sun and it felt like bliss jumping into the UBER that took us all the way.


What upsets me most for now on EON52 is that I had a Boomerang made of our drinks up there, but it's eternally stuck in my old phone until I can find a fix for it. Nevertheless, I still had an amazing time about 52 floors above ground to enjoy an ice cold Heineken from the taps after that very long day. Granted I was on medication but have beer, will drink!

You were 115,000 VND.

Entrance to the helipad bar was free, but you'd definitely have to get a drink when you're there. They range from cocktails to chocolate drinks, or if you're just a little more traditional, you can grab an ice cold Heineken just as we did. Seats by the window are limited but their staff would be happy to accommodate you if there are tables empty. 
Hello gorgeous, Ho Chi Minh City.

We spent a really long time up at the bar, and it was funny because all we had was 2 glasses of beer. It's comfortably air-conditioned (Which was one of the reasons why we stayed) and it didn't reek of cigarettes, so I'd definitely make another trip back if we were in Vietnam again.


I'd have to say I was really excited to visit The Cafe Apartments, mainly because the idea of turning old apartments into cafes seemed pretty intriguing to me. Inside this 9-floor apartment building houses numerous cafes, boutiques, and as you'd expect - homes but they're just much prettier at night when the lights come on. 

We caught it at sundown!

To access the cafes however, you are given the choice to either walk up and down 9 floors or to pay a one-time 3,000 VND fee to use the lifts. Some cafes would return your "lift fee" but we didn't get it back when we visited Boo Cafe on the 9th floor. Coffee and food at The Cafe Apartments isn't exactly cheap and we spent about 50,000 VND for a cup of milk tea to share. Granted it was fragrant but somehow I felt like we could have done better elsewhere with authentic Vietnamese coffee anyway.


I actually have no pictures to describe all of this, but it was worth remembering that after visiting The Cafe Apartments, my other half and I had craved for a massage. We ended up finding a place called Coco Care Spa around Bui Vien, and the massage was divine. It was only 200,000 VND per person for an hour's massage (Approx RM 40 per person) and our session came to an end at around 10pm that day.

The thing about Bui Vien however is that it's known to be a rowdy backpackers' zone so you'd be expecting pubs and clubs all around with loud music and just a whole lot of people. As we leaving, we could see places were filling up... until a sudden blackout killed the vibes all around. People were noticeable annoyed and we could hear then all shouting in anger. What followed were fire engines roaring down the streets, followed by police cars, a ton of motors, and everyone running after them.

In the end we left without knowing what had happened because we were afraid that it would turn rowdy or if anything serious like a shootout was going to unfold. I did drop Coco Care Spa a message when we came back to KL and it turned out to be a fire down the road that burned the electrical lines which caused the blackout. It was still a night of adventure for us in Bui Vien... and I just thought it was worth remembering on this blog space of mine. Long live, Bui Vien. 

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