Staycay Series: Hotel Stripes, The Autograph Collection

By Elie - 6:25 AM

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Hello staycations, have you missed me cause I sure did! I'm super happy to be writing this post though, cause I've seen so much about this hotel that I was dying to visit but with the price tag they have for the room, this isn't somewhere we can actually be dropping by at any random basis...

We're talking about Hotel Stripes, The Autograph Collection here! 

That's right, it's the hotel that opened around the vicinity of the all-time famous Yut Kee pork chop and it's been the talk of the town of all influencers and all the staycation crazy people around. I mean please, who wouldn't want to visit the hotel when pictures like these were popping out on social media? 

No thank you, gloomy KL skies.

To start, Hotel Stripes is actually owned by the YTL Group so you could expect that rooms don't come cheap but they don't compromise on quality either! We were only there for a night (But of course!) but I'm already craving to return over various reasons - and the pool is only just a tiny part of it.

To start, it had that washroom to die for.

And this ridiculously fluffy bed.

While our room was in fact the cheapest of the lot, it was still spacious enough for 2 and I couldn't get enough of the hot water in that washroom. My other half was really happy with that random ledge they included in the washroom and he apparently sat in there basking in the glory of high pressured hot water streaming down from his head to toe. Our bed also seemed to have a magical magnet power and most times we couldn't leave it even when we wanted to. It had a certain softness amidst the fluff we both appreciated, and having 2 pillows each was a blessing in the room. My only complaint would be their stiff bolsters, which we quickly dumped on the floor anyway. 

 Where my other half eventually hooked in PS4.

Coffee and tea?

Perfect for anyone who meant business in their hotel room.

For a hotel that's not quite in town, Hotel Stripes does no compromise in spae for business, and the room was well lit with sunlight basking in through their ceiling to floor windows and still had ample lights to keep the room bright when night came.
Hidden compartment for the safe and mini bar.

Our mini bar also featured complimentary drinks at our disposal, and I liked the hidden concept of it just enough to use it as a guide to my future home on how I'd like to store my items. We eventually asked for more water and ended up leaving the room with 4 empty water bottles at the end of our stay.

Still the best part.

It's undeniable after the entire time however, that the rooftop pool on the 21st floor was still the best of the entire stay and everyone we saw would have agreed with me based on the amount of cameras that was whipped out throughout my hour in that pool. I guess by the end of the day, Hotel Stripes was quite the luxury to jump into but it doesn't quite burn your wallet as other hotels may. You can always snoop around sites such as Agoda, Traveloka, or even opt to book direct for their cheapest rates and for all you know, your next staycation can be just as happening as mine.

10/10 would return... if I had the money for it soon.

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