Goodbye, Grandma

By Elie - 3:15 PM

Hello blog space. I contemplated in recording this moment here, but I've always believed that the space is essentially mine and so I'm here to remember that on the 1st of September 2017...

We bade my maternal grandmother goodbye

The news hit from my mother over the phone as I roamed the supermarket with my other half, and the dreaded words rang clear as ever today. "Popo is no more"

She was my last surviving grandparent, having lost my maternal grandfather in 2011 and my paternal grandparents before I was even born. She was 82, and had lived through 2 strokes and a bout of pneumonia that unfortunately got her bedridden before her peaceful passing. All these struggles only began in 2017, but I'm glad we had just a little more time to spend with her and to walk her final days together. To let her see my niece grow, for me to tell her that I am now engaged, and to simply be by her side, I am thankful. 

To my grandmother, thank you.

In all honesty, I don't think I have fully recovered from my grandfather's passing 6 years ago, and the passing of my grandmother; though predictable, was still a strong hit to me. After all, I had hopes that I could one day serve her tea at my wedding and felt that my time with her was still too short. But such has been life, and the cycle remains at turn. 

To my grandmother, I say thank you. Thank you for having been my grandmother, however distant you were in the most of my years growing up. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to live with you for 4 years, and to have walked your final days with you. Thank you for being such a fighter, so we could make more memories with you. Thank you for having given life to my mother so she could give me mine. And thank you, for being you. 

In loving memory of Cheam Cheng Sim, my very own popo.

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