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By Elie - 10:40 AM

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Have you ever tried to check out of one hotel, just to check in another that's right opposite the former? With MIL Design Hotel, that's exactly what my other half and I did as we left Hotel Stripes: The Autograph Collection.

Simplicity made right.

MIL Design Hotel has in fact been somewhere I've wanted to visit for a while now, especially given the minimalistic feel it gave through the pictures on Agoda. It is located right opposite Hotel Stripes, which makes is an ideal location for people who don't want too much frills in their stay, but just as much convenience around town. 

Our "king" sized bed. 

When we first put down our booking for the room, I was promised something far bigger and if not - simply a king sized bed. To my horror when we stepped into the room and climb into bed however, it was just 2 single beds pushed together to make 1. In picture perhaps you'd notice it is joined, but it's really just a large comforter and I felt quite cheated for that. It was also not as spacious as pictured, and the room felt confined after a while.

Separate shower and washroom.

And a sink outside, away from the bed via a partition.

If you're simply 2 friends looking for a place to stay however, do note that you need to be comfortable with hearing each other poop or settle for a fix just as my other half and I did; which was for me to wear my headphones when he was inside and vice versa. They do have a ventilation fan, predictably for the smell but everything else lingers in the room so be warned to never eat something that could make your poop or pee smell bad. Water pressure wise they were decent but the shower head was seemingly clogged and could have been better done. 

Toiletries heaven.

A hanger for your items.

Perhaps more ideal for those who are here for a layover than to work in the room, MIL Design Hotel features a rather hipster feel with the rustic touches in the room. I was appreciative of the never ending toiletries they provided, but aside to that the room was otherwise bare and my other half even had to break out his own extension cord for extra electrical space. 

I also found the check in staff a little rude, and was shocked when someone from the opposite room offered to open my room door when I waited for my other half to open the door as I went to the lobby to grab something. He mentioned how he had a master key, and I felt unsafe through the night after. It could also get pretty noisy at night for some reason, though no clubs were visibly seen around. As an overall, I probably wouldn't be back at MIL Design Hotel but my other half is pretty drawn to how the concept feels. I guess it's at a 50/50 chance at this point, and I'm hoping they would improvise in time to come.

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