Staycay Series: The Reeds Boutique Hotel

By Elie - 4:24 PM

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"Another hotel?" you may ask.
"Another hotel." is what I'll say. 

And hello there blog space, I have returned with a few more staycay places backlogged since August that I never got around to speak about mainly because I've switched jobs - again. I mean, more on that much later but let's get back to hotels. This time around, let's get talking about...

The Reeds Boutique Hotel

It's funny because I've always wanted to try The Reeds Boutique Hotel out for various reasons and one of it being the price of the rooms. For a location so prime (It's near the famous Yut Kee pork chop in KL!), and its room so classy, we paid merely a little over RM 100 for a good night's sleep. 

Our queen sized bed.

To my other half's amusement, a TV!

Our first visit brought us to their Premier Queen Room, fitted with a comfortable queen sized bed with a window. Separate choices for queen sized beds was the deluxe queen room, but that didn't feature a window and I didn't like the idea of that cause it could feel pretty holed up at times. At first glance, I completely fell in love with it. The room was simple yet old school classy to such a point that I knew I needed a revisit.

Ample shower space, toiletries provided.

And a classy two-door feature to separate living to wash.

My amusement to the room also extended to how cute the toilet door was, though it did get a little creaky after a while. Maybe it was the moisture that didn't gel too well with the wood but I still thought it added to the old school touch that the hotel was trying to give out. 

And for extreme old school-ness, there are cups.

I guess at this point there is no need to say I am completely sold to the hotel, and we did make a re-visit after this one to try out their larger rooms but I overlooked the need to take pictures of that. For its value and location, I would definitely recommend The Reeds Boutique Hotel as a good backpackers' spot or for couples who just want to be in KL but not in the middle of the hustle and bustle of it all. Staff are fairly friendly too, which is a plus - though you'd have to be prepared to hand out a RM 50 deposit in cash as they don't take cards for that.

Will we re-visit, even after going back there the 2nd time? Definitely. They even have reserved parking for those who wants to drive over and it's smack outside the hotel for a little safety. And pro tip if you're hungry in the middle of the night: There's a funky burger stall right opposite selling the good old Ramly burger with cheese specials to fill you in for supper. A true Malaysian feat right in the heart of KL, I'd say.

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