Staycay Series: Villa Samadhi

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Do you remember the time I spoke of expensive staycations, spanning from the time we first visited Hotel Majestic, to our experience at E&O Residences, and perhaps the most recent being Hotel Stripes: The Autograph Collection? Well you know what guys? My other half decided to up his game this time and scrambled us a ridiculous deal at almost 40% off our room for the one and only...

Villa Samadhi, Kuala Lumpur

Located just a little out of the middle of KL, you'd never think you're still in the city from the moment you enter the place. Security is of all-time tight, and you can only enter if you have a reservation prior. Heck even delivery boys can't bring our food in, and if you've ordered a Grab or Uber, you'd have to let the receptionist know so they can inform the guards to let them in. 

Our welcome space

And so to start on our experience, we were first ushered into the receptionist where our bags were taken away from us so we could already unwind in this resort-like space. A welcome drink of chilled ginger tea was quickly served and apologetically we were asked to wait a while as they prepared our rooms since we got there right at 3pm.

Our poster king sized bed of the night

Ornaments in the room for a rustic feel
Complimentary cognac as a welcome drink number 2
I suppose it is of no secret that they've highly adopted the Bali touch to the rooms at Villa Samadhi, and the same was done to the surroundings of the resort itself. Our room was understandably of the 2nd lowest tier but space was more than enough for 2. They have extremely strict rules here at Villa Samadhi however, and one of most important things to note is that children below the age of 12 are not allowed over safety and comfort reasons. 
Ridiculously large washroom space with dual sinks

 And dual shower, if you could see it in the back

As we stepped into the washroom space, we were completely in for a shock as it looked as though the space was bigger than our master bedroom of the future home. A dual sink first greeted us by the large mirror, and a dual rain shower was also prepared for our cleaning times. Water pressure however was not great from the rain shower, and that was perhaps the only complaint I had through the stay.

Our private outdoor jacuzzi

Amenities in the room included a torchlight and mosquito repellent

My biggest shocker for the room had to be our heated outdoor jacuzzi that we got to soak in as night fell, and it was the most relaxed I've felt in the longest time - especially given the new job I've taken up. They were also nice enough to include mosquito repellent, possibly because they're expecting those buzzing guests amidst the trees and wooden themes around. There were none for the night however, and we left the bottle untouched. 

Well hello you gorgeous as anything kind of view

I couldn't resist this

We decided to explore the resort grounds a little more after we thought we had enough of the room, and the first place we dropped by was the pool. Luckily for us, we were the only guests who wanted to use the pool that evening and so we had a private space to simply dip in for a little bit. It was like the weight of the world had left me at that moment, and I got to forget all about work - and the fact that I had not left KL at all. The surroundings of Villa Samadhi was peaceful and glorious, and I could see why so many people have been crazy for it for the longest of times.

Visiting the resident tortoise, Hercules

One of the cutest Villa Samadhi factors was also that they had pet tortoises, one of the largest being named Hercules. It made the stay feel like home, and they were carefully placed where they could feel like the nature had comfortably surrounded them through. Our stay also featured us complimentary drinks during the happy hour period by the bar, and we could then see everyone turning up for their drinks. I highly recommend one of their drinks called Whiskey Sour and another with Apple Cinnamon, both of which are house mixed by their staff. We ended up with 6 different types of cocktails that evening, and left the bar happy. 

To the best staycation mate ever

I was obviously upset when the stay ended, but the escape was more than I ever needed after a few months of hustle. Again, I'm going to say that we got the room at a ridiculous 40% off thanks to Agoda (Not sponsored, though I'd love some!) and also big thanks to my other half for finding and booking the place immediately. I felt guilty over the price tag despite the discount, but we had both agreed that it was absolutely worth it for the experience all together. 

Would we return? Absolutely, if we had a money printing machine back home. But until then, perhaps when we can afford you again at another 40% off, Villa Samadhi. Thank you for housing us.

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