Staycay Series: Best Western i-City

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Just as a point to ponder, I wonder if anyone has ever come across an accidental staycation? I ask because this was exactly that when I heard my other half suddenly go, "Oh shit" while we were comfortably tucked in bed. It had seemed that Agoda buttons got the better of him once again, and away we went to the most unexpected visit ever to i-City in Shah Alam.

For starters: A very inviting lobby.

The hotel is located right inside i-City itself, and could be rather hard to find if you head straight into the parking like we did. We were thankful for signs that led us to the hotel lobby, but it could be a safer bet to take on the open air carpark than the underground one. You're also entitled to free parking if you're a hotel guest so long you remember to validate your card at the lobby upon leaving. 

For a space that's just right.

Basic amenities with a hidden mini fridge!

At check-in we were asked if we preferred a smoking room or a non-smoking one, to which we picked the latter but it would seemed like Best Western i-City offers smoking rooms so that's news to all you smokers out there looking for somewhere to kick back and have a puff in your room itself. The bed was sufficiently fluffy to have kidnapped my other half to an hour's nap upon check-in, and I tucked right into the covers once I got work out of the way. I'll have to say that for its price point, Best Western i-City is a great pick for those who wishes to visit i-City but dread a long drive after all the fun. 

A comfortable shower space.

And our sad, malfunctioned sink.

Perhaps we were just unlucky, but our sink had malfunctioned during our visit and the stopper seemed to have gotten tightly shut so water couldn't flow whenever we turned the tap on. We ended up brushing our teeth in the shower because the pooling water in the sink felt a little disgusting in the morning for us both. Toothbrush and toothpaste are also available upon request, though you should be reminded to bring in the bath gels and shampoo that's located out of the shower area before you take a rinse. 

The little lobby cafe.

If you're a little hungry by the hotel, there's also a lobby cafe offering coffee and sandwiches, though the hotel promises of restaurants and bars up on the higher floors. They also had a decent room service for food, though we opted to eat outside instead. Food establishments are not hard to come by around i-City and they also have convenience stores if you happen to need to pop by 7-Eleven for anything. ATMs are readily available, and I'd say the area is rather self-contained for comfort. 


A great perk of staying at Best Western i-City is also that you're already in the area and you should absolutely take the opportunity to visit i-City. I was amazed by how pretty it was come night fall when all the lights came to live.

Clearly the stay happened on a Saturday.

A carousel of lights!

Spinning lights on the spinner ride.

Entrance to the play area itself is free, but rides are chargeable from RM 5 onwards. You will have to purchase a card from the entrance and top up to hop on any of the rides, but that's purely optional if you really want to hop on one. We ended up with about RM 30 in credits in the card, and took on 2 rides for about an hour of fun. It was like we got to be a child once again, and I'd say this accidental encounter turned out to be a great one. 10/10 would do it again.

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