He Put A Ring On It

By Elie - 3:34 PM

Hello blog, for it is I who has not dropped by for a whopping 18 days!

Much has changed in close to a 3-week hiatus, and I'd definitely need time to document them little by little - if not all. I will however simply start with...

I got hitched!

That's right, there's someone out there who liked me so much that he put a ring on me and now calls me his. If you hadn't already known - I was proposed to while we were on a vacation to Bali which you could read all about here

It had been a tiny occasion as I was surrounded by my loved ones and that was all that mattered. It's crazy to think that when I first started on this blog, I had only been a college student and today I am somebody's wife.

Alas, I shall keep stories for when I return from a China vacation coming really soon but I just thought it was for the better that I documented this very moment of 11.11.2017

The day Raymond and I became one.

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