Bali-ventures: I Said Yes

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I guess as an end to my Bali-ventures this round, I'd give it that perfect end just as how my holiday did. For those of you who had read my cheesy post on my 1st anniversary with the other half, you may have noticed how I addressed him as my fiancé at the very end. I even had a very excited uncle ask if that was my announcement of a brand new journey, but here's an official one to say...


I've pondered for a little while, wondering if I should be immortalizing that sunset by the beach moment here...but then again isn't this where I freeze all my beautiful moments to look back on years from now? And so here I am to FINALLY document this on my blog, alongside the journey that went on for it to happen. 

Picking the ring 
I think we're one of those unconventional couples, because I was actually the one who picked out my own engagement ring. My logic behind this is totally valid though, because if I am the one who is going to wear this daily, then shouldn't I at least really like it? And what better way to make sure that happens than to just be the one who picks it out? This is why I really love my ring, because it's simple and *I* got to pick it out!

The proposal
I have to say that this is the one thing I never expected would happen in Bali, because he had been so casual the entire trip and never did he once mention anything about doing something special. We've been spontaneous with our plans, allowing our tour guide to make decisions for us on whatever we were to do for the day. My friends had egged me on that evening, telling me that it will definitely be happening because we were headed for to Jimbaran Beach and we were supposed to be watching the sunset during dinner. I brushed it all off, and then paid no attention to the thought of a proposal after. 

Because obviously if we had beer by the beach, who would have thought of a proposal right? Wrong.

When we arrived at the restaurant, we quickly made our orders for food and I scrambled away to catch the waves with my feet, being careful enough to not get my clothes wet because I wasn't quite in the mood to change out of my already sweaty clothes. This was actually one of the reasons why I didn't think he would propose that day - because I was really sweaty and thought I looked disgusting that day after our adventures the entire day. I even told my friends I'd punch him if it were to happen. Joke's on me. 

Hello waves of Jimbaran Beach! 

Before I left the table however, he had asked for his bag so he could grab his powerbank and I thought nothing of it because who even suspects their other half when they ask for a powerbank? I came back when I saw the waiter with our food at the table, and before I got to tuck into the food, my other half stopped me. I have to admit that it still did NOT strike me that it would have been happening because I had different priorities in mind, like the food on the table! 

It was then; as though he had practiced this a million times in his head, that he said something about asking me to be his girlfriend during a sunset by the lounge at Avillion Port Dickson and he wanted the next journey to be during a sunset too. And so it finally clicked in my head...was he proposing to me?! Also cue this question replaying in my head about a few hundred times, and an imagination of my friends jeering at my because they had totally seen this coming and I didn't. And then those magical words spewed from his lips... 

"Will you marry me?"

Girls at this point would burst into tears and nod fervently, but as unconventional as we are like picking out my ring together, I did the next unconventional thing by answering if I could think about it. Cue a mental face palm, because I think that was just my brain getting a little jammed by the moment. I quickly switched that to a YES, and he slipped on the ring I had just picked out. We then did everything regular and went back to dinner. That however, is not the end. 

The proposal, version 2
Midway through dinner and staring at the shiny new bling on my finger, I realized that our moment wasn't captured on camera and so I did the most feminine thing I could think of. I pouted and made a fuss to him. I'm really glad my other half is perhaps the world's most patient man, because he did the unthinkable and decided to take the ring back so he could re-propose to me after dinner. And this time, he'll plant me a camera person! 

My favourite screenshot of our very funny video. 

The second proposal felt just as special as the first one, except this time we did it right where the waves would crash in and wet our shorts after. His words, though exactly the same as the first time still gave me that warm and fuzzy feel, and this time I didn't take that moment to "think about it". I only said yes, and the rest was history. It's finally sort of setting in that I am an engaged person now, because for the past month I woke up wondering if it's been real. Did I actually agree to spend the rest of my life with someone, and to share everything I've got in this lifetime with him? 

The answer would also be yes.

We flew back to Malaysia the very next day, and went on to get our blessings from my parents and his. Friends and extended family followed suit, and now here it is on my blog. So much will be different this 2017, and this is only the beginning. I'm really glad the 8th of January 2017 happened, and to whatever the future holds, we'll just have to see. 

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